Friday, 19 August 2011

Sunday Sale and Social - part 2

Hello my lovelies.  I hope you are all feeling better than I (stuck indoors with some kind of virus...ugh).

Anyway, I just wanted to remind those of you in London that the second Vintage Mafia/Love Shake sale and social is happening this coming Sunday.  We even made Time Out's top 5 things to do!

The Love Shake is a gorgeous little retro diner close to the vintage hub of Brick Lane in London's East end.  Myself and the girls will be selling our wares from 4pm to around 7pm and this time we have a guest seller, the lovely Redlegsinsoho who has some amazing frocks for sale.

Personally, I'm a little short of funds this month thanks to vets bills, a broken oven and just generally being a spendthrift, so I'm reducing my prices hugely.  There might even be a Swirl or two...if I can make myself part with them.

We have clothing from the '40s to the '80s, some top quality repro,  vintage bags, shoes and jewellery.  Come along and treat yourself, or even just join us for a milkshake or a hot dog.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


  1. I would have a blast at this event, I'm sure. I hope you make beaucoup $$$.

  2. Oh if only I still lived in London sounds a girls ideal Sunday , I am sure you will have a spiffing time and hopefully make oddles of money.

  3. I'd be there like a flash if I hadn't just spent the last of my money on an Able Grable, and if I wasn't moving house!! Get well soon x

  4. Sigh, I sit here surrounded by packing boxes and am on a shopping ban (simply to avoid being sued for literally working the removals men's fingers to the bone!) otherwise I would have been there. Next time FOR SURE!