Thursday, 1 August 2013

What Katie Did - the pin curl and pyjama party

Hello all - sorry for the silence again, I just never seem to have any time these days, what with dating A BOY and training for my new job and a sickly cat to deal with.  A modern girl's life is a busy one, eh?

Recently I was lucky enough to indulge in a little bit of "me time" though, in the form of attending the very lovely Pin Curl and Pyjama party at What Katie Did - the famous London based vintage-style underwear store.

The event was a chance for the guests to learn some very useful vintage hair techniques while the ever glamorous WKD ladies got to show off the stores new loungewear range, which features some very lovely camiknickers, a pyjama set and a dressing gown in a very luxurious black satin.

Anyway - I'm running late for a do and can't wax too lyrical - sorry girl.  Instead here if the event in pictures:

Look at the lovely little hair styling area - turquoise and zebra print wowness.

We each had out own mirror, sectioning clips, setting lotion and combs.  the setting lotion used was a new one on me - Fantasia.  I'll be picking some up soon as it worked a treat.

Aimee, rocking the camiknicker.

the lovely guests enjoying a fortifying gin and elderflower, from teacups, au naturel.

Our stylist demonstrating sectioning the hair.  She recommends keeping the fringe area separate, which is quite different to how I set mine but seemed to work just as well.

Here we can see our teacher with her front hair in rollers - as this is easier to sleep on.  She has just brushed out the dark ladies hair and it looks deliciously 50s. (I forgot EVERYONES names - forgive me lovelies but my brain is riddled with gin shaped holes).

The class hard a-curling.

Our teacher's large pin curls.

It was a pretty basic set but I certainly picked up a few tips and I'd recommend this event for anyone new to pin curling.  Going to bed in a pincurl set really is the easiest way to obtain and maintain a vintage do.  15 mins to set at night and 5 to brush out in the morning.  Who can argue with that?

For those of you tuning it for the ASOS contest - I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow.

Right - night all!


  1. How fun! I do admit I can't live without pin curling. My hair set lasts days when I pin curl it. 10-15 minutes to set and then beautiful hair for days...what could be easier?

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