Monday, 21 October 2013

The obligatory vintage inspired Winter coat roundup

Well, Summer is definitely over here in the UK, it has been all torrential rain lately and it will soon be time to dig out those Winter woollens.

My good old stalwart Winter coat, a princess cut number I hunted down in T K Maxx about 5 years ago, seems to be finally looking a bit tired.  I do have a couple of magnificent 30s and 40s coats but they are both too warm and too precious for everyday wear, and so the hunt began for a new everyday coat.  I saw a lot of great options online and thought I’d share them with you.


The "boyfriend" coat is really in this year and I think this is a style that can easily be dressed for a 20s look.  

This Navy wool coat (£210) from Topshop would look splended with a cloche hat or even belted with a scarf.  If you really wanted to go all out a couple of decorative buttons added here or there could amp up it's innate 20s style.  The length is just perfect for the era.

Another boyfriend design, this time feminised by lovely pink mohair fabric.  This model comes from New Look at £64.99 and would look lovely with a vintage style scarf such as this "Greetz from Tiz" number, which is great for a number of eras with its deco design.

I am loving this menswear inspired design from Oasis at £110, the contrast collar and buttons are wonderful and while this is a little short in length for a truly 20s coat it would work well for a mannish style.

My final 20's-esque suggestion is this Phase Eight ombre knit number, again at £110.  It's the length and the shawl collar that does it.  I'd buy this a size bigger to ensure a room fit and team with a repro cloche hat.  


For me at least, the classic 30s coat style is really one of long lengths and big fur collars.  These are always easy to pick up as they are a classic design, but - not being particularly fashionable - they don't tend to come cheap.  John Lewis is the place to go for this sort of style.


This fur collared number from Jaques Vert (£249) comes in a few colours, my favourite being this rich dark blue.  

Again at £249, this number from Precis Petite has a vaguley Russian Military air.

If you happen to have won the lottery you could spend £1,200 - yes - £1,200 on this AMAZING Jaeger cashmere number.  


40s coats were clearly affected by the war, as was most fashion of time, being shorter, neater and more military in design.  The classic 40s coat being the trench, favoured by spies everywhere....

You can find a Trench almost anywhere, I particularly like this one from Joules Maycroft for £129 however, due to the darker tone of the fabric and the wide buckled rather than tie belt.

For a bit of 40's whimsy, this Red Riding Hood number evokes the 40s Skater Style of Hollywood Christmas movies and comes from Collectif at £175

Finally, this J by Jasper Conran coat in wine red crepe - yes - crepe, and with covered buttons is a perfect classic which can work with any 40s look.  currently on sale at only £119.  Thanks to Lori for alerting me to this baby.

In the end, I have plumped for a vintage number.  Purely because, unusually for a coat, it was cheaper than anything I could find on the High Street.  It is currently winging it's merry way across the Atlantic to me.  If it fits, which it arrives, I'll have to take some photos and share.  If it doesn't, I'll be buying that navy Jaques Vert number above.


  1. Well, I for one am definitely glad that you felt obliged, because there's few garments I love seeing (or wearing) more than a good vintage winter coat. Living in a rather wintry country, this is an absolute wardrobe must for me, so I've really come to adore them over the years. It's wonderful when a garment can be both so highly practical and gorgeous in the same fell swoop.

    Big hugs & happy Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. These are all really fabulous.

  3. So many wonderful coats to choose from! I'm thinking about adding another coat to my collection. Something I can wear when it's really really cold outside but when I still want to look elegant.