Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bette does butch

Hello angels and daemons. 

I know, it's been ages again. I'm useless, quite frankly. Life has been far too interesting lately for me to find the energy or inclination to write. 

I've been spending a lot of time tweaking my wardrobe too. I've kind of fallen out of love with "trad" vintage and am feeling the need to mix things up a bit. I'm finally finding my feet back on certain "scenes" and with that comes a certain freeing up of morals, which has inspired a freeing up of dress code. Thank heavens. 

I've been investing in what I guess the fash pack *yawn* might call statement pieces. Still vintage, in the main, or inspired by - but a little crazier, a little more out there and, frankly, a little more ... me. 

A recent party, put on my the delightfully named Amy Grimehouse crew, let me get out of the way an urge I've harboured for some time. To dress as a man. Now, don't get scared, I'm not giving up silk and frills, but I do like a somewhat harder look to my vintage and every girl needs a bowler in her wardrobe. No, really. 

The event was "Bette Davis Night" - at Sutton House. A local Tudor building I have a great affection for as a place of peace and sanctuary. 

I couldn't want to visit the place at night, and get the chance to dress as one of my all time icons. 

I chose this version of the divine Miss D to grace those hallowed halls.   Butch Bette, in full riding gear. 

Isn't she fabulous? 

I paired some gorgeous jodhpurs I found on Etsy, actually labelled with their year of manufacture (1938) with a charity shop shirt , tie and waistcoat, some eBayed gaiters and shoes and a gorgeous vintage bowler from Christys. Oh. And my boyfriend's velvet jacket. He thinks he is getting this back. He may be mistaken. 

I was pretty pleased with it, I must admit. 

I'd be interested to hear how other folk have found the journey away from trad vintage? How do you add an edge to your outfits? 


  1. I love this look!

  2. This is bang on!
    I never like my outfits to be too feminine so I always add some biker boots or dramatic hair for a bit of edge.

  3. Great look! Really well put together.

  4. DMs and grey leggins with a 40s day dress was a fun look for me. As are 1950s - 1980s trashy slips worn with either DMs or patent Mary-Janes, and lacy black tights, for a glamour/grunge look. Love the jodhpurs!


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