Tuesday, 6 November 2012

sewers and knitters: catnip mouse time

Not sure if you have heard but there is a huge cat rehoming problem this year.  Being a cat lover I only wish I could give them all a home. Me and thousands of cats...bliss.

Reality bites though, so instead I'm asking for your help to make catnip mice for all the kitties we cannot house.

Please, if you can, spend a little time knitting or sewing mice, to these patterns or your own, and send them to me or your local cat shelter.  I'll be delivering them to the local rehoming shelter just before Christmas.

if you want to send to me, e-mail me at lisa.prest@gmail.com



please share.


  1. The re-homing for cats is a problem in my country aswell.

  2. I hadn't realised there was a problem this year. Poor kitties!

  3. apparently, due to the recession, people are abandoning their pets at shelters. :(

  4. Oh, it makes me SO sad that I cannot have more (more than 2 indoor cats for me would be a nightmare full time)but I love this idea :)