Sunday, 29 May 2011

My new favourite dress - I think.

I think I have finally found my dress for the upcoming and very exciting Swing for Skin bash (read all about it here and come along if you can!).

I picked up this amazing, and to my eye very Ginger Rogers-esque, yellow and white linen dress from eBay a while back.  Sadly it wasn't in the greatest condition but after some considerable Oxy treatments and a trip to the dry cleaners I seem to have restored it to a more wearable condition.

She is made from white and yellow linen, the bodice dotted with silver beads and also has a matching bolero jacket.  Isn't she just darling?

I've been struggling to find shoes for her, as I have not been able to find pretty vintage looking white shoes anywhere.  I was considering these Aris Allen rugcutters but I can't find them in my size anywhere and they are too chunky really:

 I also like these but I didn't know when I'd wear them again.

I then wanted to get some gorgeous  Remix shoes but realised they would never arrive in time.  Plus I'm terribly nervous about buying such expensive shoes from overseas.  What if they don't fit?

So, after much consideration I think these are the ones.  Good old Keds have done it again.  Yellow and white wedges.  Not as glam as I'd have like but I think they have the right level of cutesy to work with the dress.

So, these are now winging their way to me.

I just have to find the perfect earrings now - I'm thinking yellow Bakelite.

 I just hope I don't look like a sea of yellow with my new yellower blonde hair.  Oh well, I have a back up outfit planned...


  1. Def second white pair. Keds aren't bad either.


  2. The dress was so nice :)

  3. Superb dress.

    I must say I too rely on good old 'trust pink' when buying second hand and vintage. Not glam but sooo worth it for a wonderful dress like that to come up bright.

  4. That dress is so fabulous! I have those Keds in black and white and I think you'll be very happy with them. They are so comfortable! I wear them all day and walk around forever without any pains in my feet for how high the heel is. You will look fantastic!

  5. I love lemon on blondes! So pretty. You are going to look AMAZING.

  6. Lovely dress! Have a lok at BHS Wedding range for shoes, they often have vintage styles, ok not authentic but close if your'e not going to wear them often! X

  7. Lovely dress and I think the Keds are a good choice. I did like the first 3 examples although style wise I am not convinced they would make the best pairing with the dress. Let us see the whole thing on you!

  8. Oh the dress is lovely well worth all the effort of getting it back to a wearable condition
    I am sure you will look very Chic at the Swing for Skin.
    I have a pair of the Iris Allen Rugcutters and they are so comfortable I would suggest you consider buying a pair.

  9. I have those shoes in black and white and while not fancy I get lots of compliments on them and they are very comfy too.

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous dress. I can't wait to see the pictures of you in it.

  11. That dress is so that shade of yellow.And all those shoes would look those keds and the first shoes.I wear a 7 in US size and in UK thats a 5.I have my hubby get things for me when he is coming to the US.saves me the

  12. That dress is perfectly delicious, and I have a suggestion for shoes -
    - click on historic clothing and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  13. Whoops realised a little late you've already ordered your shoes of choice!