Sunday, 22 May 2011

Glamorously organised...having a late Spring Clean?

OK, I have to come out...I'm a clutter monster.  I just can't seem to keep my place tidy.  I have a reasonable sized one bed flat, loads of storage and it is just me and the felines here but still the place is always a tip.  I must just have too much stuff.

I've even hired a cleaner, she came on Wednesday and already the place looks like a bombsite.

As a result I'm always looking for ways of making the place look tidier.  Cute vintagey style ways of course.

Here are some of the latest things I've found for keeping the home tidy - heaven knows if they will work for me...fingers crossed all!


I'm always tearing recipes out of magazines.  I may live alone and rarely entertain but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't enjoy cooking should it.  I'm hoping the kitsch little recipe box from TCH will help me keep some semblance of order. £7.99

Pet food bags are just ugly.  I'd like to replace them with the little retro cat food tin with its lovely deco lettering and handy scoop.  also good for keeping the pets out of the bag.  Need I say more? £15.99 

Sadly I don't have a garden, but if I did this little seed tin would be mine. £7.99


Clothing storage - ugh!  Well, after reading this inspiring post on the wonderful Lottie Loves blog, I have decided to give the closet a clean out.  I have bought some lined wicker storage baskets from Tesco (£32.68) to store my out of season clothes (great recommendation from Penny Dreadful) and have started sorting through the frankly obscene amount of clothing I have crammed into my huge double wardrobe.  I suspect I need a friend to help tell me what suits and what really doesn't but for now just thinning it a bit will help. 

If you have a cupboard to put your boxes in then office archive storage boxes could work well.  Much cheaper at £12 for 10 on Amazon.  I'd avoid anything plastic for storing vintage - those natural fibres like to breathe and while vacuum bags can deter moths they also crumple your delicates terribly.

So that is just a few ideas - let me know if you can help me with further pretty and practical storage ideas.


  1. Oh, what a cute recipe box! I could need one of those for all my cut outs :)

  2. The Cat Food box is a winner, gotta get one of them. Even Sheeba is a shabby sight. Good luck with your future tidiness, however, order is the virtue of mediocrity. I took a go at tidiness on my last post. I bloody love tidying! x

  3. Oh yay, you got the baskets! Make sure you take a picture of them looking all organised when you are done xx

  4. I think the fuzzmonster is going to get that cat food tin! It's awesome!

  5. Good idea - I always feel so much better after a clear out! Those baskets from Tesco are really attractive and a good price - I'll have to look out for them. Keep up the good work! xxx

  6. I find i have to get so many little storage boxes for various things, because i must admit i am also quite the hoarder. I found a really nice site where i bought some things from and not too expensive either :D

  7. You may find this article on decluttering interesting:

    On the other hand, you may find it a bit extreme!

  8. I always find having a good tidy is so calming and makes everything seem ok.
    Baskets are a great idea as are vintage suitecases keep up the good work.