Sunday, 5 June 2011

A happy Saturday's thrifting.

'Ello lovelies.

Just a quick post to show you all the purchases I made this weekend.  I'm not supposed to be buying anything new but I got carried away by the bargains I found...oops!  I guess there is truth in the adage - old habits die hard.

My first purchase was a fantastic book of vogue covers - just stunning and only £1!

I also picked up a dinky little slip in a dark, dark green bri-nylon.  I'm not sure it fits yet, as I've just washed it.  It really is a cutie though.

Then my friend and I ventured afield to South London (for me, that is a long way) and we found a stall selling tops for £1 each.  so naturally I bought five.  The first three pass for 50's pretty well.  The other two, well, I'm not sure what came over me, and I won't show them here.  Oops!

I also picked ip a pretty little vintage evening purse:

And finally I found the most delicious little cruet set, 30's if I'm not mistaken.  It needs stoppers and a little spoon but I'm sure I can whittle some corks and find a spoon somewhere!

All this for £16.  Oh yeah, I know how to shop!  I just wish I could learn how to be a little more conservative with it!


  1. That Vogue book is a great find :D

  2. That cruet is adorable.

    ...and a bargain top stall... worth going sahf of the river for!

  3. Old habit do die hard, but that what makes you you and you always find such amazing bargains love the cruet and the handbag.

  4. ~ whoop!~ good scores!!!
    * = D

  5. Love that book - looks so interesting!