Monday, 19 September 2011

Knitty update

So, I've designated September as my "make do and mend" month and am busily fixing all my damaged vintage and finishing off the many knitting projects I have stacked up and those which need to be sewn together.

Here is my latest cardigan, it is just the warmest thing!

It isn't wonky, I promise, but sadly my old mannequin is on her last legs and is held together with gaffer tape and string, bless her.

I knit this in a lovely pistachio green DK yarn and it was just a dream to make up as it is knit in one piece so had a minimal amount of the dreaded stitching up to do. 

I bought the pattern from one of my favourite sites, The Vintage Knitting Lady.

She has a great collection of patterns, the best I've found anywhere and her customer service is incredible.

This baby is going to look amazing with tweed pencil skirts throughout the colder months. 


  1. I like the cardi :) I have to stay away from that site, I really don't need anymore patterns!

  2. LOVE it! A great wardrobe staple for sure! My fingers are fast working on some vintage knits for fall, too.

  3. That's lovely! I love the colour too1 X

  4. It's lovely! I can't wait to see you tackle some of those Vogue knitting patterns, as I will never get round to them judging by the state of my knitting pile! x

  5. I have a similar issue! I love the patterns though, thank you angel. Next on the list is a very chunky cable pattern swing coat in dove grey. Hellz yeah!

  6. Delightfully chic and warm looking! Cardigans are truly the best thing about A/W.

    I was wondering why my outfit felt a bit wonky today. I think it might be because today I'm also only held together, like your dummy, with gaffer tape and string. I blame half-price-wine at tesco.

  7. Love it, in fact I have the same pattern I'm planning of having my mum knit for me, yes I'm a cheat, my mum does the knitting!

  8. Ooo, I have that pattern- I thought the illustration and photo was wonderful! Knits up really nicely by the looks too! I must say, a cable swing coat sounds rather lovely!!!
    Tupps x

  9. You have the creativity in you man! That's not something every person has:) Cardigan is awesome:)
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  10. I am obsessed with cardigans similar to this one... Arghhh tortures me !