Monday, 26 September 2011

A little thrift lift.

Well, if you read my last post (and why wouldn't you, hmmm, HMMMM?) then you will know I have been suffering with horrible flueyness for the past few days.  Well today I actually left the house.

Spurred on by the need for stronger drugs and the cats yowling for biscuits I bravely removed my pyjamas, donned some outdoors wear and ventured out into the wilds of Hackney.

I did have a bit of a wobble on the way, I hadn't realised how hot it was today and had to spend a good five minutes leaning over the freezers in Marks and Sparks, but after that I was fine, and managed to buy the items I needed and make a little foray into the local charity shop.

It seems the universe decided to reward me for such a valiant act and placed this little beauty in the shop:

Mmmmm, lates 50s/60s Del Boy-esque mirrory loveliness:

It is hard to see, you will have to click it, but it has a sort of willow tree thing etched on it.  Also, in this photo there is some sort of limpid pool into another world thing going on.  I haven't tried travelling through it yet, but when I have I'll be certain to report back.

I also picked up a very pretty silk (or silk-alike) scarf in the perfect colours to match a 30's knit I'm just stitching up.  You'll hopefully see more of that in the coming days, unless I get trapped in the mirror world without my laptop.

I'm off to take more flu tablets.


  1. Hope you feel better soon chuck! It's always worth a peek in the charity shops, bound to cheer up a poorly girl!! X

  2. *haa!! O you just made my day with that little movie...hillarious!! I bought some of those little disco-balls a couple years back for xmas ornaments, but of course now when I put them up they will be my mirror balls!! HA! & none of my friends will know wtf I'm going on giggling about saying ..look at them shine! look at them shine! as I dance about with a pair between my legs!
    * x p

  3. I hope you feel a bit better soon. Train those kitties to bring you hot Lemsip and act as furry foot warmers.

  4. Good find - and get better soon!

    Also ".. move it along Frilly Fabrics.." "MY NAME IS MRS SUSAN!!" ha ha ha ha!

  5. hope you feel better soon. I am also suffering with a horrid cold and just want to climb into bed! I am just about to have a restorative biscuit!

  6. Hope you feel better soon, I've had my fair share of horrid colds so I know the torture they are! Get lots of rest and treat yourself to some yummy food! xo

  7. I love the mighty boosh a little bit to much! Hope you feel better soon

    Harriett x

  8. Oh good - someone else who pretends to be overly interested in ingredients of frozen peas just to get some cool air! And me thinks you are on the way to recovery quite well - a thrift store stop as well - you are a wonder woman!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  9. One time I fell into a freezer in Iceland, Norwich. Not my finest hour, my friends just stood and laughed at '2 denim platform boots waggling about near the viennettas'. Be careful out there, folks.

    I love that mirror, and its secret world. If you find Noel Fielding in there, give him my regards and ask what he uses to get that much body in his hair...

  10. Gorgeous mirror!