Friday, 16 November 2012

Rumble in the jumble

Well, not quite jumble but almost.  Last weekend was Hackney's latest Vintage Kilo Sale event.  I was in two minds about going, I knew it would be 99% retro stuff (i.e. 80s and 90s) and they chap had woken up in a decided grump, but I fed him tea and dragged him our of bed and off we went.

It's pretty simple really, you purchase your vintage by weight, a kilo of items is a flat £15.

As expected, there was A LOT of utter dross,and by that I mean ugly 80s dresses, 90s sweatshirts and lots of Indian and African dresses which, though pretty, aren't my cuppa cha. 

Still, after rooting thoroughly through every rail and pile I managed to unearth a few gems.

First up is a bright pink and bright green little knit, not vintage really, but will look OK dressed up correctly I think.

Pretty little 70s does 40s jumper.

I like the flowers.
 Then this strange beast which to me looks terribly like a late Edwardian / 1920s sports jumper. It can't be original though, it is just in too good condition.  I am a little foxed however by the inclusion of what appear to be genuine Edwardian buttons used as decoration at the neckline and arms.  They are VERY similar to the buttons on my one Edwardian piece (a lovely burgundy suit) so I am convinced these at least are real. 

 Perhaps it was knit up for a play or by an equally geeky vintage enthusiast back in the 70s.  Who knows.

pretty little buttons

 This is the sort of thing it reminds me of:

Finally, the piece de resistance.  A leopard print fur hat.  These often go for silly money on feeBay and I've long been waiting for the right one to show up.  Of course the styling on this is a little later than I'd like but I am confident that, with the right outfit and hair I can work this.

And all for the princely sum of £5.

Love it.

So despite the rooting around and the concentrated dose of Hackney hipster, it is definitely worth giving these sales a visit.


  1. I know what you mean about the over abundance of 80s/90s dross, but it's well worth sifting through it and fighting off the hipsters(!) to find little gems like these... love that hat!

  2. I've found some quite nice late 70s-early 80s stuff at these sales, as you say they can be styled earlier. I don't though, I just wear them as is! Mind you there is also a lot of rank cheap stuff too, I wonder if anyone buys it?

  3. Amazing finds! I love the cardigan - the flowers are so cute!