Sunday, 4 November 2012

A woman's home is her castle...

...or in my case, more of a ruin.

Owning your own home is a mixed bag.  It provides a wonderful sense of permanance and security - something I've never really felt before, but also it is a cause of constant work.  In a previous post which I deleted, due to a combination of depression and bitchiness, I mentioned that I just can't get my home sorted out.  It's always a mess and even after four years here it still feels unfinished. 

I never seem to have the money or the time to devote to getting it looking the way I want.  I have too much stuff, but not enough of the things the place needs to feel the way I want it to.

I long for that organised clutter vintage look (not shabby chic, noooo, never shabby chic)

and instead I feel like I'm living in an episode of Hoarders

a glimpse into my future
I'm not quite this bad, yet.

So today I started operation clean up.  I've spent 4 hours going through the cupboards preparing throw away piles and charity shop piles and eBay piles, and putting all my summer dresses into storage.  I even sorted my yarn stash (must knit through this huge pile of yarn I've amassed) and sorted my bedlinen following this amazingly simple tip from the ever wonderful A Thrifty Mrs.

While I've gained about 30% extra wardrobe space my flat now looks messier than ever, with piles of stuff to sell, donate and throw littering the hallway. 

I still need to get rid of more.  It's so hard though, so very hard.  So far today I have considered selling but kept:
  • Several 50s outfits that aren't my style anymore but which I love.
  • My 30s tea set which takes up a whole cupboard.
  • The 30s picnic set that has china plates and is too heavy to carry even to the nearby park.

Anyway.  It is still progress, right?

I've also made a short list of things I need to help make my flat more homely.

Aside from painting the living room, a task I have been putting off forever, I want the following items:

I'm rather in love with this bathroom accessory set from Next - should help me keep my sink tidier though the cats would probably smash it in seconds:

£35 of elegance - but out of my price range right now.
And I really need lampshades for my living room, I'm thinking these.

Too granny?  Is there such a thing as too granny?
Or maybe these tiffany style shades for a little Edwardiana:

This knit throw should hide my tatty sofa:
£7.49!  I love sales.
Anyway, I can but dream as I have no money to spend, so back to the sorting and eBaying!

Happy trails everyone.


  1. Wow well done! Once you get the hang of it, it's easier the decide which things can go. At least, that's my experience.

  2. Oh, I know how you are feeling. Our home´s a constant mess because of all the stuff (mostly books) and the little space we have. It´s tough to get everything organized into shelvesand boxes. But then again, every little step forward looks like a big achievement. Always think positive and don´t part with something when you already know that you´ll regret it later :)

  3. I do feel your pain. My brother (who does minimal) says my house is like an episode of Hoarders! I love my stuff and Himself loves his even more, our house is full to bursting and I hate people coming round because I am embarrassed by it. Every now and then when the piles of stuff start completely taking over the floor I have a clearout and always feel better for it, usually within days Himself has filled the cleared space so it's a constant battle. Weird thing is when people do come round they often say how much they love it because it is homely and full of things to look at, mostly it just depresses me.

  4. There is no such thing as 'too granny.' Love the lamp!

    I am cleaning up the house myself.... not sure what the exact line between 'too vintage' or 'too clean' is. I guess we'll have to wait and see :D

  5. There's a blog on tumblr which seems really helpful for cleaning up and organizing. It's a little crass though, but if that doesn't bother you, it might be worth looking at

  6. I know exactly what you mean. We just moved from an apartment to a house and I'm so disappointed that I dont have money to do everything I want to do with it. For now, I'm trying to organize what I have and weed out what I don't need. I have great plans for the spring, when I'll have more money (I hope) but in the mean time, we're making do with craigslist and thrift store finds. I have a great pin board, "clean this sh*t" with some thrifty organizing and cleaning ideas :
    good luck!!

  7. As someone who's lived in your flat for a week, I'd just like to reassure you that its beautiful. I WISH I had all your gorgeous furniture and the space. I WISH it was my flat so so so! Ax

  8. A place for everything and everything in its place? We have lots more things than places in our house and its for sale at the moment which means complete strangers are invited round to make derisory comments!
    Good luck with the sorting, it's painful.

  9. We have a Tiffany style lampshade. Unfortunately we also have old carpets, a front wall on its last legs and a lot of mess. :/ It will probably take a good 10 years to get ours half way decent.

  10. There is no such thing as too granny. Fact.

  11. This post really cheered me up in an odd way.
    My dressing room literally looks like a huge jumble sale/crazy hoarders dream home, which has now spilled into the hall and our bedroom. I need more storage but I have a small budget - cheap drawers for some upcycling just can't be found. I have been feeling very demotivated about the whole thing and did have a tantrum about it at the weekend (Sorry Husband!); it is nice that others share my pain!! I think this is a dilemma that all us vintage lovers have... when are we no longer collecting and simply hoarding and when is this officially a problem, LOL!
    Good luck with the clear out. I am going to attempt some more myself this evening! Maybe someone needs to set up a blog big clean or something!! Keep us on track! xoxo

  12. Having bought our house in March this year, I know well the feeling of wanting your house to be something but not having the time/money/making the effort/etc to make it happen. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with how to make my ideas happen and all the little details along the way. Good luck with sorting things out. Sometimes just the little steps help!