Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ain't it grand to be bloomin' well dead.

I shan't be squeezing into my corset again this evening, after a fabulous night at the Ric Rac on Saturday I swear my ribs are quite bruised.

I hope the talented Mr Hanson Leatherby doesn't mind me sharing his pic of myself and the chap...

In the absence of a party to go to (and it still being working hours n'all) I've been listening to some Halloween themed vintage somgs.

Here, for your listening pleasure, is the wonderful Leslie Sarony from 1932:

Happy Hallowe'en all.



  1. Wow, you look great. I love the corset and your hair colour, it suits you perfectly. And I noticed that your chap looks like the drummer of a well-known german punk band. Not to mention that he most likely popped out of "Interview with a vampire" :)

  2. Nothing like bruised ribs after an evening of corseted glamour. I've just bought my first corset and currently experiencing similar 'rib-ache' xx

  3. Oh yes... I know the feeling. You look ravishing, so it is more than worth it!

  4. Looking great and nice photo treatment too.
    Can't beat a corset!

  5. Looking scheckshy!! Happy Halloween!

  6. Looking scheckshy!! Happy Halloween!

  7. It was lovely meeting you on Saturday, I'm still in awe of your incredible hair!

    Ruby xx