Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Old lady rinses a go-go!

So, I promised a brief post about my new gingery-ness and here it is.

I’ve been blonde for a long as I can recall, I was naturally white blonde as a child and it darkened to a medium blonde by my teens, when I started dying it back to a lighter colour. I started with highlights (ugh – how I loathe highlights) and slowly built up to the flat platinum I’ve sported over the past 5 years or so.

I’ve flirted with different colour rinses, from a subtle ashy tone to blue to Mrs Slocombe pink. How I loved Mrs Slocombe pink – but sadly it isn’t really conducive to a work environment, even one as relaxed as mine...

Anyway, lately I’ve been hankering for a change, the problem with the blonde is that it looks very ratty when unwashed / when the roots start showing and, not being as well heeled as Ms Monroe, I can’t really afford weekly touch ups! As a result I’ve been considering a darker shade or *gasp* going back to my natural brown. Not that I know what my natural brown looks like anymore, but I’m assuming something like this.

Full of the wind of change *parp* I wandered along to my fave hair salon, the amazing Rockalily Cuts in Shoreditch and spoke to the delicious Lucie Luella about my options. Lucie, being a sensible girl, explained to me that going dark from my current white blonde would be very difficult to do and impossible to reverse if I didn’t like it, so we decided to look at what else we could do. I’ve always had a predilection for the "old lady" rinse look and so, on googling I found this:

pic shamelessly stolen from without permission, apologies

Lucy explained that this would most likely be possible as the effect of a red dye on my blonde would be similar to this red dye on the lady in the pictures naturally white hair. Now the only problem is that this dye doesn't really exist in the colours usually stocked by the modern hairdresser. Not to be discouraged however, my intrepid coifeusse set about concocting her own blend of colours.

Fuelled by two bottles of Stella Artois and adrenaline I let her apply the stuff to my hair and lo and behold – it worked. My hair is a glowing, unrealistic, apricot. I feel like fashion icon space alien - superhero.  Rawr!

Both completely unreal in tone but within the realms of realism by just enough to prevent my employer commenting.
I love it. So much I took pics of myself on the way home and sent them to my friends.

So much so I posted pics on here.

So much so I wrote this post and added this pic of me in the toilet cubicle at work.

Frankly, I’m in love. And a little scared to wash my hair as I know the colour will fade as reds are wont to do.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Rockalily cuts. So far they have given me my best ever cut and my best ever colour.

Thanks Lucie, Ree and Elly!


  1. That looks really good!

    I toyed with going an apricot route once but chickened out (I'm bleach blonde like you were).

    I also tried going back natural colour (mousey blonde)and hated it...and then highlights..hated them too! LOL!

    In my apricot quest I did buy some Directions hair colour that claimed to be apricot so maybe that could work for you?

    Alas, I've been bleach blonde for 27 years now, it's very hard to change! LOL!

  2. I will one day end up like that granny, as my red dye won't change but no doubt my hair will go white in the end hehehe!

  3. You are right to be in love! Looks right nice!

  4. Intrepid coifeusse - what a delicious pairing of words. I doff my hat to you and your gingery rinse.

  5. Wow! Damn the work dress codes but you've won on the hair colour.

  6. Love it! I just got my hair done my Lucie as well, she didn't have to use bleach and just toned my hair to a more natural colour lifting my roots too, it was genius. xx

  7. I love the new colour, how has it fared since it was done? Anyway, I hope the pin-curl tutorial was helpful and that you had lovely curls when you went to the museum (also sorry it has taken me to reply, blogger seemingly hates me!)
    Yes, we must catch up soon, I saw Katie in Brighton the other day which was lovely. I'll let you know next time I'm in London.
    Sadie x