Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Jam to-morrow

Well, actually, jam to-day, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday.  Lots and lots of jam.

A good chum at work was kind enough to bring me in a huge bag of foraged damsons and so I decided to have my first try at jam making, as a good way to use my every increasing pile of sugar ration.  Damson jam is the easiest jam to make as the fruit contains a lot of pectin and so it was the perfect choice for my first foray into preserving.

So, what I've learnt is that jam is all about ratios, with damson jam you need an equal amount of fruit to sugar and just enough water to cover the fruit.

The recipe I used is linked below. 


It really was ridiculously easy, if messy, and I now have enough delicious jam to last me, well, forever. 

A pictorial history of my first jam experiment:

Just the damsons and the water.  Look at my shiny new jam pan.
Damsons boiling away.  Look at my messy kitchen
So pink!

Getting the stones out was the most bothersome bit.



  1. For some reason I always fail at making jam :(
    I'm much better at pickles

  2. You have a proper jam pan! How beautiful!

  3. Uber envious of your JAM PAN!! I have no jam to make - but I want a JAM PAN all the same!!

  4. We're all after your jam pan!
    Is it just too sad to ask for one for xmas?