Sunday, 21 October 2012

Knitting: 4ply and a big sigh

Just a quick  knitting update to show you what I'm working on this evening.  I've just finished a project in a very cheap chunky yarn (King Cole Magnum) and have resolved that, once I've used up the remaining acrylics in my stash, I'm NEVER using artificial fibres again. 

To me they look cheap when knitted up and really don't benefit much from blocking.  Blocking can cure a million knitting sins but not with acrylic yarn.  I think the problem is exacerbated in chunkier acrylics too as they don't have the required weight to create that vintage look I'm going for. Sigh.

Still, this will do fine for work days until I can be bothered to rekinit the pattern in a decent yarn and the vintage shell buttons are nice.  Ho hum.

Ugh, it flares too much at the waist, it curls at the hem and the crochet is too loose. 

On the needles is a wool/acrylic blend yarn but as it is a blend and only 4-ply, it seems to be OK so far.

The jumper is a pattern from the original "A Stitch in Time"and is very simple in a waved rib.  I have so far completed the back and about a quarter of the front.  Everything is going to speed up now that I have moved past the mind numbing rib.

the back

detail and a cat's paw...
The book

The original
 Anyway - back to Downton and my knitting.


  1. Amazing! I'm in awe of your knitting skills-I don't have the patience! One day I'll finish the 1940s sports jacket I started a year ago.

  2. Acrylics are horrible. Don't like the look and really hate to work with it.

    I have to say I like both your jumpers! Especially the pattern of the 2nd one.

  3. I've knitted that same jumper - it's really pretty when it's finished although the collar and cuff bits are tricky to sew on!

    1. Kinda dreading that bit, but i hate sewing things together full stop!

  4. I don't knit so I can't comment on that aspect, but acrylics smell like a hamster cage after half an hour's wear.

    1. Heh, I quite like the smell of hamster cage

  5. really enjoy your knitting posts wish i had your knitting is your ration eating going? i would love to see a whats in your vintage handbag post that would be your blog
    kind regards tia

  6. Agree with the comments on acrylics - once you knit with real wool there's no going back. Your projects look fab!

  7. Despite the acrylicness that you don't like - thats a right nice cardy :) Love the colour :D

  8. I have never knitted using acrylic as I was never sure whether it would be as soft as the woollen yarns, but however I really do like the shape of that cardi, even if it is chunkier than you wanted. Good luck with the brown knit, I'm sure it will look great,
    Love Lil x

  9. We'd all rather be knitting in Rowan or similar wouldn't we? Knitting has become so expensive though. Maybe worth trying a pattern in acrylic then splashing out on the good stuff when you know the fit.
    Both lovely patterns and work. Look forward to seeing the finished 4ply modeled.

  10. That waved rib is amazing and that kitty paw is very cute. Knitting with acrylic sucks but until they lower the price I'll have to suffer... it's just so pricey!

  11. Nice work Mrs.
    Don't know if you've tried it but the double strand thumb cast on normally eliminates hems that curl.
    I wish real wool was more affordable, it doesn't make sense as British sheep farmers pretty much lose money on fleece by the time they've had it sheared so it's the big bastard wool companies that cream off the profits and make it too expensive to us mortals.
    Rowan hardly use any British wool which is also shocking, as a company it's rapidly vanishing up it's own arse. I mean who can afford to pay close to £100 to knit a jumper?????
    Great work, looking forward to what you come up with next. xxx