Thursday, 18 October 2012

I can resist everything, except temptation.

Bugger this no spending lark, I'm just not good at it.  you see, the thing is, I work right slap bang next to Spitalfields Market and on a Thursday lunchtime it is the vintage / antique market and well...the rest is obvious.

I visited today trying to hunt down some reasonably priced vintage black crochet gloves.  I have several cream and white pairs but really want a dark pair.  I'd dye some but thats a lotta dye for a very small item.  hmmm...

Aaaaaanyway.  lookit wot I bought:

Pretty little hankies - did people buy these as decorative items or clothing? 
They are too good to actually be used for blowing ones snozz on.

A length of very pretty emrodered fabric that I will use as a belt on a 30s cardigan I have yet to knit. 
Now, to decide which colour from this I'll knit the cardy in...

Haircombs! Diamante hair combs! With all the stones intact!

And a length of French lace, great condition, god knows the date - I think 50s.
I'm happy now. 

Is it wrong that shopping makes me happy?



  1. No - please shop - I am living vicariously through your purchases! :D

  2. Shopping makes me happy too :)

  3. I have no problem with shopping, I have problems with no shopping! and I had bought the haircombs

  4. There is nothing wrong with shopping, when I m shopping its when I am at my happiest hahaha. I love all of your purchases, those hankies are so cute, how could people really have blown their nose on those little beauties?
    Love Lil x

  5. how could you resist!? If I worked next to spitalfields market I'd be destitute lol. Good for you! Em.

  6. Nah, I couldn't resist either. As a matter of fact a chum who lives up that way suggested I visit her... hmmm... could go to the market at the same time to buy her (I mean me) a visiting gift...

    Now THAT is naughty, gift shopping that turns into self shopping hahaha!

  7. I banned myself from going anywhere NEAR Spitalfields on a thursday a long time ago. DANGEROUS for spending. Great purchases though ; )

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