Thursday, 11 October 2012

On the needles: Flossy and Dossy quickknit 40s style sweater

I always seem to have a few projects on the go at one time, at the moment I’ve got a couple of unfinished 4ply things languishing in the knitting trunk (must get back to work on those this weekend) and have also just started a work knit. This is a piece of knitting I keep at work to occupy me at lunch time so that I don’t spend the entire hour staring at the screen.

A work knit needs to be fairly simple (no fancy laces) and quick working (stops the inevitable comments of “you’ll never finish that” from sarcastic colleagues), so I tend to pick easy patterns in a thick wool.

I started my current work knit yesterday and it is this marvellous 40s style jumper from wedding dress designers, Flossy and Dossy. While the finished article on their site looks complicated, this is actually knit in a deceptively simple twisted rib.

I say deceptively simple, but I did have a little “logic fail” on knitting up my swatch and followed the pattern instructions to K2, P3 when actually, if I’d looked at the rib I would have started with the P3. Just me being a dumbo though.

In any case, it is knitting up beautifully now in a lovely hot pink Aran from the King Cole Merino Blend range. I adore this yarn and cannot wait to see how it washes.

It doesn't matter how I post this, it still comes out upside down.

Right way up in "my pictures" dammit!

This would be a great first sweater knit as it works up very swiftly, I seem to be knitting at just over 1 inch per hour. It is also easy to resize as the pattern repeat is 5 stitches which - give or take a little - corresponds to one inch. You don’t have to be too precise with resizing a ribbed sweater as there is so much natural give to the stitch.

Right, its lunchtime here. Time to get knitting!


  1. I'm definately knitting this after I finish my 40's cardi.

  2. That's cute! I think this might be my next vintage project. I'm working on a heavy worsted project for Mom and miss my smaller needles.

  3. Great pattern, colour and yarn choice - the stitch definition of the merino is a perfect match for the twisted rib.
    Sarcastic work comments? They just don't understand!

  4. oh I would so like to knit, but I have never come´d further than the knitting of scarves. I think i have like ten of them... Would be awesome to know how to knit a whole sweather! Im impressed!

  5. King Cole do some brilliant yarns. It looks like being a really lovely jumper.

  6. Oh thats a lovely pattern and such a lovely shade you have chosen.
    I am currently battling with a 40's fair isle pullover for my Dad (he better bloody like it) during my lunch breaks, so can relate to the sarcastic comments from work colleges, though to be fair they are generally brought on by my foul mouthed cursing at having made yet another mistake!