Monday, 8 October 2012

Rationing, week 3: corned beef!

Well, I had a naughty weekend, as the chap took me out for dinner and I had mussels and delicious boeuf bourgignon, so I'm entering this week with renewed Wartime zeal and starting my week with corned beef rissoles.  Yuk you may say, but I actually love corned beef so I'm very happy.

Corned beef was rationed, it formed a part of the meat ration and was part of my initial weeks shopping that went unused.

The recipe is pretty flexible, you just smoosh up a tin of corned beef with an equal amount of mashed potato (you can add any left over cooked veg too), some herbs and spices, Worcestershire sauce and some breadcrumbs to bind.  Shape the mixture into sausage shapes, roll in remaining breadcrumbs and bake in a hot oven for 15-20 minutes until crisp and hot through.

 They ain't pretty but they sure as hell are tasty.

I'm serving mine with baked beans.  These weren't rationed and were a great source of protein.

No comments about lack of vegetables, I had at least 6 portions of veg in today's lunchtime salad.  Salad was a wartime staple.  Leaves with everything.

Look at the glory of this though...basic, but reminiscent of the dinners of my youth.



  1. My husband makes a brilliant corned beef pasta sauce - but corned beef had become quite expensive the last few years!

  2. We love corned beef, especially corned beef hash with mushy peas. The kids go wild for it.

  3. NoM, NoM indeed. Corned beef sandwiches were a staple of my school packed lunches. You have inspired me to redisover it.

  4. I love corned beef but my hubby won't touch it, except fried with potatoes.

  5. Well, I do most of my food shopping in Lidl so it was still cheap. I'm really full after than dinner too. Same again tomorrow. Good job I like eating the same thing for days on end!

  6. They look tasty - I might have to try making those.

    I turned leftover cottage pie into similar rissoles.