Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cravats Amore

Hello again lovely chums,

I think I'm finally getting my blogging groove back, and, having decided to worry less about writing informative educational type posts and spend more time having fun with this thing, I thought I'd treat you to a little outfit post.  When I say treat, its really just lots of pictures of me, so that all depends on how much you like looking at my big ugly mug really.

Anyway, Autumn is here.  Hurrah! Time to stash the cotton frocks in tissue paper and dig out the tweed.  To celebrate the start of the tweed and wool season I have spent most of this weekend finishing up a huge pile of knitting projects that have been building up over the Summer.  The jacket in the picture is one I've been waiting to finish for some time, I just had to sew on the collar and the buttons, but for some reason (read: sheer laziness) its been sitting on my dressmakers dummy for months.

The yarn is some vintage pure wool Aran I picked up from eBay and its terribly warm if just a bit prickly.  It is going to be perfect to see me through the coming season.  The collar looks a bit wonky in these pics but I think thats my posture rather than the garment.

I paired it with a 70s Viyella skirt and some Norwegian shoes picked up from a charity shop along with a  beret with an embroidered bumblebee (I keep thinking it must be an insignia of some kind but google isn't bringing anything up so perhaps it is just decorative) and a most delightful cravat sent to me by the kind chaps at Swagger and Swoon

It really is a lovely piece in pure silk, cotton backed.  Deep green with purple and gold paisley.  I'm quite in love with it and I think it adds the perfect 30s country "butch" style to my outfit.  I feel just like Honoria Glossop from the Jeeves and Wooster novels.  Never a bad thing in my book.  I may have to pick up a few more of them as they really set off an outfit.  

Anyway - that's all for now.  Off to pretend I'm clay pigeon shooting or something equally Honoria-like.


Edit: totally reattaching that collar. I did it completely wrong. That's what happens when you lose your copy if the pattern between knitting and making up!


  1. Cravatilicious, I must say. Glad to hear you've got your groove back. I've been searching for mine for some time, perhaps it's im the potting shed.

  2. Great outfit - I can just imagine you calling on Bertie and being announced in a very dignified manner by Jeeves.

  3. You've inspired my to try cravats, you look wonderful. And I absolutely adore your cardigan. It's so fun but elegant at the same time and such a beautiful colour.

  4. Loving the new hair colour in daylight. And your shoooooooooooooooooes! And, just you in general doll :D

  5. What a Cracking outfit, just Perfect for Autumnal country pursuits, Honoria would be green with envy!