Thursday, 13 June 2013

Brighton Up!

Hello lovelies.

I went to Brighton at the weekend, whoop!

It was a lovely sunny day and I decided I had to get out of London for a bit and so the chap and I put on our best holiday outfits and hopped on the train.

Here I am in grey old Hackney:

Here I am in glorious Brighton.  We didn't do inside the Pavilion because I'm skint and spent all my money on a ticket.

You can see the look of the day was "as many accessories as possible" - there is no such as too much.

We did all the cliche things - eating chips on the beach, laughing at hen parties, eating ice cream in The Lanes, avoiding stag parties, avoiding other brawling drunks and well, drinking a bit ourselves.  Well not too much drinking, but we did find a pub that sells my very favourite beer - Otter Ale.  Yum.  Made from real otters you know.  *nods sagely*

I also finally got to visit the technicolour mothball superstore that is Snooper's Paradise.  Oh, if only I'd had some cash to spare - there we dresses galore at half the price or less of most London shops.  His Nibs even picked up a wonderful Liberty waistcoat in pure silk that I've barely been able to get him to remove since.

We even had a smooch in the photobooth.  ;-)

The day was rounded off with drinks with chums on the pier and then we whizzed back to London to attend a marvellous party of a NSFW nature.  so I;'ll keep that to myself.  Oh, weekend of dreams!

I'm thinking this may be my year for adventures of many kinds.  There will definitely be more visiting of British seaside towns.

What's your favourite British resort?


  1. Just found your blog via Tasha's "By Gum, by Golly" and I really like it! I just came back from London a few weeks ago, and for me it is such an amazing city, so it is hard for me to understand that somebody wants to get outside of it. But on the other hand I know this feeling very well, just wanting to flee out of the town one is surrounded by the whole day.
    Your dress is really beautiful, I love how you combined it with all those bakelite bangles. But I have to say, I like the red peeptoes in the first photo more than the white flats, though I can totally understand that you changed to them when strolling through the city all day.

    1. I was fine in the peep toes until I walked downhill from the station to the sea! put them back on for the evening festivities though.

  2. This is utterly lovely! Huzzar for more adventures. You look amazing!

  3. You look great! Happy and gorgeous x

  4. Oh I love your outfit! It's nice to get out of London sometimes and when the weather is nice nothing beats being by the sea.

  5. I love the photos! Glad you had a good day out.

    My favourite British seaside resort is Portmeirion in Wales.