Monday, 11 November 2013

Knickers to you!

Hello loves

I've been quiet again - have a lot of things to post in the coming weeks though so keep your eyes peeled.

Just wanted to share a quick shopping find.  Now a new one actually but one that deserves sharing in case they EVER stop selling them..

M&S high waisted lace shorts.  Currently 3 for £10.

These are SUPER high waisted, they come in a variety of useful shades that mix and match really well with big name vintage lingerie brands and ...and...they are ridiculously cute.  Plus, as there is no elastic around the waisr / lep opensing you don't get any unsightly lines when taking them off.

You can bung them in the washing machine as they are resilient too.

I just adore them.  I'm chucking out all my other pairs and replacing them with these I love them that much.

Happy shopping!


  1. I absolutely love the pattern!


  2. I travelled around the world wearing these. They look and fit amazing and last very well too! I'm going to stock up on more pairs now I'm back