Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I survived!

Yes indeed - I have survived the festive season.

This year was my first Christmas at the chap's mother's house.  It was lovely, but it has been a long time since I spent Christmas with anyone (well, anyone I actually had to impress - Barb - if you are reading that's a compliment) and it was a bit stressful.

Still, I cooked a full Christmas dinner, complete with homemade cranberry sauce and roast chestnuts and a very moist (even if I do say it myself) turkey.  Mum in law and I almost came to blows about how long to cook it (she said four hours I said two, I won, with bells on) but overall a jolly good time was had by all.

a bit of Christmas day charlestoning

The new J&W!

The chap bought me a 30s velvet cape - yes, I do have it done up wrong.  

Vintage port was decanted and drunk.

Unfortunately, following the festivities I have been quite ill (though I did make it out for NYE).

I had a very creative festive break actually - knitting a hat and scarf, to be shown soon and making some Christmas decorations.


Clara and Louise

mini stockings

half scarf
I even had a chance to meet s spooky cat in a cemetery, get in a bit of sneaky charity shopping and practice my fingerwaves.

He ran tight up to me over the gravestones, magical.

new top, new book, Marlon's ear

Not the most coherent or well thought out post.  I'm STILL ILL.  But Happy New Year one and all.


  1. I love Clara and Louise! the top and the waves are fantastique! happy new year! xxx

  2. Good to hear you both had a good Yuletide and I love the cape. Good to see you at the Chap Ball too!

  3. Lisa, where is that fabulous scarf pattern from???

  4. I love Clara and Louise! the top and the waves are fantastique! happy new year.

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