Tuesday, 25 February 2014

100 Vintage Days

Those of you who have found my Facebook page *linky* will be bored to tears of this already I expect, but I've been doing a little experiment.  I'm sure everyone with an internet connection has seen the #100happydays thing floating around.

The idea is that you post something each day that makes you happy.  I tried doing it and it was just hundreds of pictures of my cats...

So, I realised that with the terrible UK weather lately (more rain anyone?) I'd been living in trousers and nondescript tops with my hair pulled back.  Not good for ones reputation at work or for ones mental health really.

As a result I've decided to do #100vintagedays instead.  It's going to be about the vintage I love.  Largely outfit posts but also just general vintagey goodness.  The idea is to make me 1) make more of an effort of a morning, 2) keep me posting on the facebook and my blog regularly and 3) teach me how to use Instagram.

So - here is a round up of the first 10 days or so.

I'll be keeping the project going for the full 100 days.  updates can be found on Instagram, if you so desire.

My aim for this week is to wear more frocks.  Last week there were two skirts - this week I'm up to one already.

Hair comb from Spitalfields Market

A new hair set
Blue Monday outfit

Weekend shopping

30s hat Friday

Nautical Nancy

Some Fairisle and a flopped set

Monochrome fun

Cateye specs

Hair setting

Cat earrings


  1. lovely, very inspiring,
    my favourite outfit is the red skirt and blouse,
    nice hairstyles too

  2. Your hairstyles are just awesome!