Thursday, 10 September 2009

Retail therapy

I'm ill, I have swine flu to be more exact.  Yes, lovely.

So, instead of going to work I'm stuck at home, now its not all bad, I quite like being at home, but it does mean I spend way more time than is healthy lookig at the internet and buing things on eBay.

Today however I have purchased only useful things, a Lloyd Loom linen basket and a pretty little chalkboard for my kitchen. (The picture shows an identical linen basket - I regret I do not have room in my bedroom for a chair)

I love Lloyd Loom and I have an LL-style bedside table and dressing table stool, though neither are original.  I wanted a matching set but didn't have the time to wait to source all original items - maybe I'll replace them as time goes on but I do hate to be a label queen....

Lloyd Loom furniture was made in the UK, Bow in East London to be precise - not far from where I'm sat right now.  The factory, opened by an American, ran from 1921 until it was bombed in the 1940, so despite the fact many items are listed in eBay as 50's and 60's, if they are genuine Lloyd Loom items rather than copies, they will usually date from the 20's and 30's.  In fact the UK factory only reopeed in the 1980's but its still going strong.

More info on Lloyd Loom can be found on their website.

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