Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My bedroom

k - its far from finished and the grotty laundry basket is being replaced by a Lloyd Loom gold one to match the stool and bedside table this weekend. Woot. Clear shoe boxes are arriving too and they will all live on top of the wardrobe and those boxes at the side will be moving. They contain the little used things such as sewing patterns, non vintage clothing and my Agent Provocateur underwear collection :rolleyes:

But I loves my bedroom.

Looked how overlooked I am. so glad I have curtains now so creepy neighbour can't look in:


LL-B goodness:


Dressing table and glamourous laundry basket:


The wardrobe of glory - I love this thing, really!


you can see I have mirrors facing the bed from a number of angles, just perfect for.....being single



  1. Gosh, you have lovely taste.

    I have only just realised that you are Smuterella from the Fedora Lounge! Your post about being called Lady Gaga had me chuckling at my desk this afternoon; I hope you don't start doing your victory rolls with diet coke cans though...

    Kate x