Thursday, 10 September 2009

Scandalous High Socie-tea - what larks!

A few days old I'm afraid, I'm hardly a prolific blogger, this little flurry being entirely due to my current illness.  Anyway - on Saturday I attended the utterly wonderful "Scandalous High Socie-Tea" a new vintage night pioneered by my lovely friend and uber glamorous pin-up model Fleur de Guerre ad her partner in crime the ever luscious Miss Emerald Fontaine (linky:

It really was a blast, I got to catch up with Darhling, a beautiful friend and model who has just moved to London and who you will see with me in the photos on the site; I listened to the sweet and dirty sounds of the Sax Pastilles, met the gorgeous Zoe from Vintage Secret - hopefully more about them in a future post - and danced, despite having no knowledge of swing at all.

The Sax Pastilles really were wonderful, they made the night for me, a band with great musical ability, a clear bond and a very obvious sense of humour.  Any band that use parcel tape, a childs potty and a plastic fish in their act are alright by me.  If you, oh non-existant reader, get a chance do go and see them, I'm hoping they will be a regular at this event.

The next on is Hallowe-en night and is a 50's b-movie theme (you'll already know this as you will have clicked on the link provided earlier of course, I hope all my non existent readers are the inquisitive type...).

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