Friday, 24 September 2010

Broadwalk Empire - I gotz high hopes!

So, there I was casually flicking through Stylist magazine today and I come across a beautiful image of a Depression era bar.  I read the article and it turns out there is a new Mad Men on its way - or at least that seems to be where most of the comparisons lie.  Boardwalk Empire is set in the Prohibition Era in Atlantic City, US, the time when, as the tagline states "Alcohol was outlawed and outlaws became kings." 

Its been written by Terence Winter, who penned The Sopranos, it stars Steve Buscemi, the delicious Michael Pitt (he always did have a vintage look) and Kelly MacDonald.  What's more, the first episode is directed by Martin Scorsese. 

It all sounds too good to be true right, its bound to flop, well the first episode aired in the US on 19 September to what seem to be rave reviews (Newsweek called it "naughty, shocking and decadent" while Metacritic, a review aggregate site ranked incredibly high reviews) and the second series has already been commissioned.

I'm looking forward to gorgeous styling, a great script and some damn fine acting.  I've also heard great things about strong female characters like Mad Men (which I've never seen - for shame!)

It comes to Blighty in January on Sky1.  Is this enough to convince me to sign up...?  Hmmmm, almost.

Now, anyone wanna lend me their Mad Men box set until this starts up?


  1. Umm. I have never seen Mad Men. I often miss the boat when it comes to tv. I will have to try and rent it. Can't wait for this though, I just blogged about a film set in the twenties, great minds think alike ;-)

  2. Trust me, it's GOOOOD. Edgy, dark, filled with the sights and sounds of both the beautiful and the harsh sides of this time period. Real historical figures (Eddie Cantor, Al Capone) make appearances. The ugly realities of American Jazz Age race, class, gender, temperance issues are gestured towards in just the first episode. NOT a light airy confection of a series, but I am hooked. Starts in 1920, so lovin' the late Edwardian fashions of some and the emerging flapper styles of others. In short, a really meticulously researched and brilliantly acted series seems to lie ahead! The ONLY thing I didn't like was the opening music. Otherwise, the cinematography is gorgeous

  3. Baroness - that is a truly passionate post, I'm looking forward to it even more now.

  4. Thank you for stopping by,have a wonderful weekend

  5. I'm already addicted to it, after just 2 episodes! Beautiful costumes and set design.....


  6. Well, I've just see ep 1 (might try and get my sweaty little paws on Ep 2). I really enjoyed it.