Monday, 27 September 2010

Shame about the shoes

OK - so this is a slightly different blog post to the one I was intending to do tonight for a couple of reasons, firstly I decided to do an outfit post instead and secondly, I can't find my darn camera so am stuck using iPhone pics which won't do for the other piece I wanted to write.  Meh, where is that camera?

Anyhoo - I had one of those days where it all goes together. My hair worked out. My makeup looked good as my skin seems to finally be settling down following the change of seasons and I wore a new outfit.  All in all I felt good about myself today.

I set my hair in a similar fashion to the "Glamorous Casual" setting in the post just previous.  This time however I used one finger pin curls on a dry set with a couple of wave clamps in the front.  It worked really well, though as usual the wave didn't really take.

Look at my massive mouth - I look like a cartoon fish.  Heh.

Outfit wise, I had a burst of organisation last night and have laid out my outfits for the entire week.  Today was a jumper I knit from the "Two Hour Sweater" pattern as detailed in good ole Livejournal (I never did get that site but it is full of useful info).

This was my first real knitting project and I foolishly used some genuine vintage 50's wool to make it up.  It turned out OK.  I just wish I'd know about only joining at the ends of rows when making this up.

I really like the patterns at the sleeves and neck and the wide ribbing.

Anyway, I put it with a vintage 40's black crepe 'A' line skirt (its a cat fur magnet this thing, but lovely) and a wide belt and pinned one of my favourite reverse carved lucite brooches on it.  I think the whole thing worked well.  It could have used a hat but I was going to work and that's just too much, even for my workplace.

It was really good to go out wearing something I'd made.  I got a lot of compliments on it, despite its somewhat primitive appearance.  It has inspire me to sew the rest of my knits together so I can wear them out too, instead of them just slowly building up in the craft cupboard.

The only low point of the outfit was that I had to wear silver ballet flats with it as I have no comfortably, non-vintage buy vintage style black shoes.  I am hunting for something with a low-mid heel, that can work with 40's outfits, that is comfy enough to wear for long periods and that doesn't cost of GBP 50.  If you have any ideas please, point me in their direction!




  1. Gorgeous! LOVE that hair do!

  2. Well done you on both hair, face and jumper!x

  3. I love that jumper, the colour is fab. I am still getting to grips with sewing at the moment, knitting is next on my hit list though! x

  4. Oh yeah, shoes, sorry..

    If you are a size 3, how about these (long shot I know, they are in the sale!!)

    They have these in more sizes for bang on £50, love the name:

    If you can stretch to £62, there are these:

    and these...

    These are a bit more at £65 but I am drooling as I type

    These are £59.99 and win my highly cute award

    Umm I am going to stop shoe stalking now, I can hear my credit card trying to get my attention..hope this has given you a few ideas! x

  5. Thanks everyone - and especially Lady Cherry - wow - that was some speedy research. I'll look tomorrow - the cats are telling me its bedtime. xxx

  6. Your jumper and whole outfit looks great! I started knitting a while ago but it's sort of stopped at the moment, but you've inspired me to start it again!

  7. Smashing lady!

    I was eyeing these two in Clarks today - both £55 though!

  8. absolutely stunning!!

    I have a pair of black 1940s slingback I Miller shoes that are lower heeled (I have to double check but I think they are 2 or 2.5 inch), size US 8, I believe. They have a cute v for victory peep toe. I've been meaning to list them in my etsy shop for ages but haven't done. If you might be interested in seeing pics, etc, drop me a convo via

  9. Ooh, the Clarks site won't let me on! I'll try later. I quite like the Office "frowned upon" and "French lessons" but I worry about things with straps that go over the ankle bit as I have such thin ankles (just the ankle, not the rest of me) that I usually have to punch extra holes in things.

    I'll def pm you Lady Baroness.

  10. It's lovely! The jumper is superb, but how practical do you find it, with the short sleeves & the cold? Or are elbow length gloves just the way forward?

  11. Did the jumper take you 2 hours??!! ;) I started that once, then gave up on it because the yarn wasn't right. Is it a chunky yarn? I could just go & look myself...

    Anyway, you look lovely, as always, and I'm really enjoying your blog, I'm hoping to get inspired & start blogging properly again soon!

    What size shoes do you take? A 3? I have some 40s size 4 shoes...?

  12. You look lovely, I am so impressed with your knitting skills x

  13. i hear you with your pain of finding cheap enough, vintage looking shoes for work, i am yet to find a solution!

    as for your knitting, i greatly admire your resolution to learn how to do it, and you've obviously become pretty good at it judging by that lovely jumper!

    been tempted to learn myself, but i have very little patience and i don't know whether i would be capable of seeing things through. it must be so very satisfying though to wear something you made with your own hands!

  14. Thanks ladies.

    Katie - it wasn't 4 hours but it was pretty damn quick. It was some random vintage yarn I got from eBay - very thick. I didn't want to do the knit two stranfs together thing in the pattern, I can imagine that being a nightmare.

    Garofit - knitting ain't hard really, though sometimes the patterns make no sense (Katie is V helpful when that happens x) it is slow though, not the same instant-ish joy that comes rom sewing and not so easy to fix errors.

    I haven't had a problem so far Anushka but it isn't REALLY cold yet. I'm just finishing a cardigan though that has 3/4 sleeves, I'm sure that will be more practical for when it gets proper chilly.

  15. Cor, I didn't realise it was 2 strands! I'm going to have a go at in with some gorgeous yarn mama D sent me!

    I'm planning my winter knit wardrobe as we speak!!

  16. Look here.

  17. Oh, I'd love some Remix shoes but I think for that money i'd be scared to wear them every day!

  18. I picked these up earlier this year and have found them very comfortable (and i'm a flats-wearer about 99% of the time). I have a fairly narrow foot and ankle, and the strap fits me fine. They may not be "strictly vintage" in appearance, but I had to put that to one side in the name of being able to walk.

  19. Those are cute - thanks for the tip!