Thursday, 23 September 2010

Singing in the rain? Surviving miserable weather vintage style.

Oh its mighty strange weather out here in Blighty.  I know we are famous for our weather obsession but it actually IS worth talking about right now.  Yesterday was so gloriously sunny that I was sat outside a pub with the lovely Naomi from Vintage Secret having lunch, today however has been one long rainstorm.

This set me to thinking - how to cope with miserable rainy Autumn weather without sacrificing your vintage credentials.

Here are a few ideas I have come up - feel free to suggest any others - I need all the help I can get being a summer child.

Its not always cool enough for a coat at this time of year (unless you are me and even one cloud in the sky sends you shivering) but I am rather taken with the PVC macs from Suzie High Gloss.  I know, PVC, a little....kinky..right?  Not really.  I'm thinking more 60's Mary Quant cool.  Suzie High have this great coat in two different lengths and several patterns.  I'm rather taken with the clear one - after all sometimes its a shame to hide a great outfit and at under £40 its a bit of a bargain too.  It even featured in this months Elle in a retro fashion shoot.

I'm also rather smitten with the waterproof cape from Cyclechic (above), its meant to be a cycling cape (very district nurse) but I don't see why it couldn't be worn just as everyday rainwear.  Apparently they have matching spats too!


For me there is only one way to keep my set from drooping in the rain and that is the classic rain bonnet.  I wore one today in fact, and while it does raise the odd eyebrow, frankly I don't care.  My hair is worth it.

Again you can find these at Suzie High Gloss, they are also available super cheap at dotcomgiftshop.

Personally, I get mine from the local cheapy shop - three for a pound - can't argue with that, eh?


Ah - a tricky subject for the vintage maven.  Sites like the Fedora Lounge are humming with sightings of vintage rain and snow shoes at this time of year.  These are usually fur / sheepskin lined and are very hard to find.  I think similar shoes were still being made until recently as I'm sure my Nan had some.  The closest I've been able to find to those classic granny boots are these expensive little numbers from Drapers, out of stock currently but, according to the sleuthing powers of a certain Fleur de Guerre, due back in stock in October.

An easier though less authentic option would be to get a pair of wellies.  Either classic Hunters for the Sloane Ranger in you or something fun like the Cath Kidston's below (there are also loads of cheap knockoffs in the likes of Primark, Matalan etc etc).


...and finally we get to good old  brollies - if there is one thing every Brit should own its a good brollie.  Sadly, this is also something I lack.  I just lose them.

It can be hard to find vintage umbrellas, though they do crop up on eBay, and even if you do find one with all its spokes attached and no tears in the fabric you may not want to use it.  I really think that repro is a better option in this case and one of the best places for beautiful umbrellas is Brollies Galore, the two below can be found on their site.

For a more classically British look the tartan brollies from Cox's are rather fab.

Or, if you are even sillier (like myself), then one of these spotty or  leopard print babies might be just perfect to get you Singin' in the Rain!

Happy showers folks, don't forget to share your rainy weather tips!


  1. Is it wrong to want the cape *and* the birdcage umbrella? Great post - I got drenched at lunch time and was wondering how anyone could possibly stay glamorous in this weather.

  2. Oooo I love those umbrellas..I can't bring myself to wear anything plastic though! x

  3. Thanks Lori - I want it all, frankly, but then I am exceedingly greedy. :-)

    Lady Cherry - The rain hats are great, although plastic. Honest! I'd be a little nervous in the coat in case in got a bit too warm tho, but it honestly looks great. Wish I could find a pic of the Elle shoot I saw today.

  4. Well. I just can't shake the thought that my nan would love it. But that makes perfect sense as she is in her own little time warp world ;-) .... I am a bad girl!!

  5. Ooo lovely! It's definitely been soggy eyebrow weather...

    Alex Carter

  6. If its something your nan would love then its definitely something I would love - Granny Chic! :-)

  7. I love the clear trench coat sadly I'm not a medium and that style only looks like it comes in a medium :o( Thanks though, great post!

  8. Hey, I bet you can find something similar in a different size and some of their patterned ones are ace too. I'll try some google-fu this evening!

  9. Hehe, I've already got one of those birdcage umbrellas :) A see-through trench is a great idea, I might have to go for that one!

  10. I have embraced the hairnet worn outside, it could now be the time for the plastic rain hat. Granny chic rules!
    (good blog post!) x

  11. Fabulous post! That Birdcage brolly is gorgeous! I have a rain hood, I got mine from Superdrug for 99p - much impressed with it!

    As for wellies, well, I am a sucker for a vintage dress and wellies!

  12. Vintage dress and wellies..great it wrong I am wishing for rain now?!

  13. I know a couple of people who've had their H&M pvc raincoats steam up! Haha!

  14. Thats fab Annie - are H&M doing them this year?