Monday, 31 January 2011

New Years Revolutions - my one month progress

1)Smoking - Well, I'm still puffing away.  I still intend this year to be the year I do it but I have decided to postpone this one until after my holiday in March.  One cannot go to France, drink fine red wine and not puff on a Gauloise or two.

2) Shopping:  I am still suffering from December's massive shopping splurge and all I have bought since then is a couple of knitting books and a very cheap bra from What Katie Did.  I was feeling quite proud until my laptop spluttered it's last yesterday evening and I had to fork of £400 for a new one.

3) Weight loss:  Well, I have been eating better and definitely ingesting fewer calories foodwise but I think I have been replacing them with wine, hence no weight loss to speak of.  I'm stopping drinking in the week and am starting Pilates and doing more walking.  I will lose an inch from my waist.  I will!

4) Knitting: well this is coming along great guns.  I have started a 4ply, Fairisle project and so far it is progressing well.  Go me!

5) Hair styling:  hopefully you have seen a couple of my recent efforts on here.  More to come soon!

6) Meditating:  Absolutely no progress here whatsoever.  Must try harder.

7) Decorating:  no progress here either.  This is going to wait a while until I clear the laptop debt.

8) Blogging: not going too badly.  Need to get a decent camera so that I can post more stuff.

So there you have it.  Still 11 months to go, but progress is being made, if slowly.

how are you going with yours?


  1. HI Lisa

    I am sure your New Year Revolutions are going far better than you think and as you say there are eleven months still to go.

    Sorry to hear about the painful cost of replacementing your laptop, life can be a bitch sometimes and I would so miss your wonderful blog.

    Glad to hear that the knitting is going well, I wish I could knit like you.

    And I also wish I could style my hair as well as you do, you always look so good.

    Remember one day at a time, one blog entry at a time xx

  2. I admire you very much for your knitting progress!

    I left you a little award on my blog

  3. 1. Eating and sleeping right - that went right out the window as soon as I went back to uni.

    2. Budget - erm, not great either... been consoling myself over bad results with shopping.

    It feels like I only have enough self control to manage one of the three: study, diet/health and saving. Wish I could do more but I tend to reward myself for doing well in one area with things that are bad for me in another (ie if I don't buy junk food I can use the money saved on vintage, or if I study hard I can eat what I want... gotta find a new carrot system.)

  4. Wow, you are a brave woman with so many things! I would be proud of the progress you've made if I were you.

    As for me:
    -Relaxing: no chance. Still imagining criticism and overworking (although I did chill out and read yesterday. I only did a bit of cleaning and I didn't feel too guilty).
    -Health. Managing mon-fri teatotal and take-away free. But we will see how long this one lasts...

  5. Is it the end of Jan already? Where the HELL did that go?????? I didn't set myself any resolutions this year - I couldn't face the dissapointment in myself, so I thought it best not to bother. Apart from another 2st off - which is going.... slowly.

    Re:-Meditating: Absolutely no progress here whatsoever. Must try harder...

    .. there are some good free meditation podcasts on iTunes which I can highly recommend. Did me the world of good last year.

  6. Hi gorgeous! Got you an blog award! ;)