Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dear Maybelline...

Dear Maybelline,

A while back I blogged about your amazing 18 hour lipcolour.  I really thought that I had finally found my perfect lipstick; a rich true red that lasted through the eating of greasy food and stayed looking pristine through long nights out on the tiles.

So imagine my excitement when I saw you had brought out a nerw improved version, a 24 hour lipstick, no less! I hurried to my local drugstore and bought myself one. 

What have you done?  This new product is terrible.  The colour does not go on smoothly, partly down to the change in the shape of the applicator.  It takes longer to dry and looks patchy.  It also flakes after just a few hours wear, dries the lips and transfers on eating. 

I am so very sad.  Who did your consumer testing?

I will not be buying this product again.

Yours in disappointment



  1. Thats why it doesn't work on me! Because my version is the one...doh! x

  2. HERE! HERE!!!!! No need to change this product WHAT SO EVER!!! the new one is AWFUL!

  3. Agreed. The original was wonderful. The new is wretched. At least I have some of the original left. Maybe they will wise up.

  4. Grrr I *hate* it when a so-called improved product is dreadful.

  5. Thanks so much for the review! I love my 18 hour lip color but that other stuff sounds like a total waste of money. Note to self- do not purchase!

  6. How upsetting that the new version is crap!!!!! It is nearly impossible to find a decent long wear lipstick and Maybelline's was so nice. Argh! I bought ten of the original when they went on "last chance" sale at wallgreens so I guess I'll have to make them last.

  7. Oh no! Boo hiss boo. I hate it when they change great products. No7 changed the formula of my foundation a few years ago. It made me sweat. Sweat I tell you!