Monday, 14 January 2013

For hands that do knitting...


This blogging lark can be jolly good fun sometimes, especially when ones gets invited to fancy schmancy events, which I have no qualms accepting invites for as frankly it can be pretty draining trying to entertain you lot, y'know *wink* us nose to grindstone types need a break every now and then...

Anyway - I was recently invited to attend an event promoting Atrixo, yes, Atrixo - the chamomile hand cream that we probably all recall our mothers or grandmothers using.  The scent sure does bring back memories.  It was launched back in the 50s - '55 to be exact but is part of the Beiersdorf portfolio of products which includes my very favourite - Nivea - and so can probably be traced back to Edwardian days.  That's like, serious vintage.

The event was held at Home House, a private members club on Portman Square - its a bit posh round there and this venue was no exception - with cakes and nibbles from the Vintage Patisserie and a knitting class from the wonderful Catherine Hirst.  Feast your eyes on the goodies that were laid before us:

An array of Atrixo products were available to sample

Beautifully decorated tables heaved with food

cake stands fairly trembled beneath the mass of scones

Knitting needles were prepared ready for action

Brass deer nibbled on rose petals (where am I going here, I don't know anymore)
decapitated fluffy bunnies stared menacingly into your soul

...and I ate all the jam *bwahahahahahaha*

Unfortunately I am currently mid dryathlon, so could not take advantage of the wine on offer but I did fill up on tea and scones and learnt a few new knitting tricks along the way.  Yes, I have finally graduated from thumb cast on to long tail cast on.  I can now call myself a fully grown up adult knitter.

Here is my little flower - it's pretty ain't it.

As for the Atrixo products - I'm thoroughly impressed.  I've placed a tub next to my bed, one of my work desk and one next to each sink in the home.  I now have the hands of a 10 year old.  Well almost.

Atrixo products are marvellous value, smell divine and are available in your local boots, Tesco or Superdrug.  I strongly advise giving them a try for a real vintage hand care experience.  That sounds almost rude.  I'm leaving it in.

Thank you Atrixo for a thoroughly lovely do.

The lovely Fleur goes into more detail here so to view much nicer pics and read her much more erudite account of the day please clicky.


  1. I don´t know why but I have never heard of this brand. One should think you can get it everwhere in Germany.
    I like the decorations a lot, that´s something you wouldn´t expect at a hand cream presentation ;)

  2. I love Atrixo and have used it for years, both my Nan and Mum used it so I did too!

  3. I've never heard of it over here in the US, but I love that the looks of that event, impressive. Knitting even!

  4. That looked like a lovely evening, I'm jealous!