Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hollywood hair - the BEST pin curl technique videos

Just a quick post for anyone who may want to follow along with my pin curl quest.

I've been scouring YouTube for the best pin curl tutorials and can highly recommend these from the lovely Vivid Makeup.  These two vids taught me more about pin curling in 20 minutes than I got from years of experimentation.

Be aware - this is not a visual guide but a long description of technique.  Don't be put off by her non vintage look here, this gal knows her stuff.  Part 1 below.

For a visual guide you can either look at Vivid Makeup's waves tutorial or, of course, there is the divine Lisa Fremont Street with another YouTube two parter.


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  1. Wow thanks, I'd never even heard of stemming before, so will definately take notice next time I try a set... so glad you're back! (i'm a quiet but avid reader hehe) xxx