Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hollywood Hair - Part 3 - The June Allyson or, the Perils of the Pageboy

Setting pattern Sunday is here again!

Last week brought me the June Allyson do, a very girlish innocent pageboy style that, frankly, I don't really like.  I love the pageboy generally, there are some lovely ones out there, but this one, with its swept back fringe, is just ugly to my eyes.  Far too "teen" for my tastes.

Also, I'm rubbish at pageboys.  I've tried every setting pattern, online tutorial and bit of help and advice out there but I always end up with more of a "roll" than a smooth pageboy.  Le heavy sigh.   Other people seem to find it easy.

Anyway - I thought I'd give this a go anyway, to try and practice my...ahem...skills.

The set itself is fairly simple.  Two large curls on top which are directed away from the face and then two rows of forward facing curls around the head.  Shouldn't be a problem you'd think.  Well, I beg to differ as I'd managed to lose the majority of my pin curl clips somewhere in the flat so had to use rollers in the back.

So, I slept in the set as usual and then came ...the brush out.  Now, please do not laugh.  I can hear you, I can, that was definitely a snigger....


Monday: Absolutely shocking isn't it?  I cannot believe I actually went to work like this but after 15 minute just concentrating on the back I just stuck the fringe up and had to run and get the train.


Tuesday: Day two - this set is supposed to be better on day old hair and I had found my pin curl clips and reset it much more tightly with curl creme.  I had thought this looked better, if a bit artificial.  A tad concerned it was too wiggy I had even asked my half slumbering boyfriend if he thought I looked too "Amadeus" - he grunted in the negative.

Stepping out into the Hackney morning I realised however, from the sideways glances of passers by, that asking a half asleep man anything is always, always an error.  I looked like I was wearing a periwig.  The final pic is me at work, with washed out lighting, purely for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday and Thursday:  I cheated and didn't reset the damn thing.  I just brushed into the below cheat style.  I was too disheartened.

Friday: Reset it again with a wet set, paid more attention to placement, to the brush out and even placed a hairnet over it to keep it "together all day."  It came out the same as day 1, only neater.

Saturday:  Another day 2 hair attempt. I finally -almost- cracked it.  I brushed it out in two layers, the bottom first, slightly backcombing the lower layer, and then the top layer, curling it over the bottom.  Then, after this I pinned back the fringe.  I looks much smoother and neater with some structure to it and I think this is because I have layers.  Pageboy dos are typically better for blunt cut hair, I've read.

Yes, same jumper.  I'm lazy.

why does one eye look so much bigger than the other?

Verdict: A bloody nightmare.  Especially for a do that just doesn't suit me.  This one has been a real learning curve - or learning tangle.  I really think this is a do that works much better with rollers, and I'll be trying that once this 50's project is over in weeks!  Blimey - what have I signed up for?

This week I'm skipping the next do in the book as it is another pageboy - I'll revisit it in a few weeks when I've regained some faith in myself!  Instead I'm going to try a very casual centre parted style - the Cyd Charisse.

It is set dry, to minimise the curl and just add body.  I think it looks like a lego helmet.  Time to set!


  1. That is... not your best look. But well done for tenacity!

    1. It's freaking hilarious is what it is. you know, I've just realised that one of the things I like about myself is that I'm really not that vain. No make up and that hairstyle in one post. Go me.

  2. Your hair is a few inches longer than both styles so it's going to look very different! Try brushing from the nape upwards and in every direction first before sectioning and shaping. I'm definitely following the next styles, this is great! I love the pics in the leopard blouse xx

    1. Thanks lady. Perhaps you can give me a pageboy tutorial sometime

  3. It looks much better towards the end of the week but Tuesday...woah. The back always looks good though!

    1. I had to show Tuesday, it makes me giggle every time I look at it.

  4. For years I had been searching for a tutorial on the Amadeus look and finally I have found it! Well done on getting such height in your fringe and I think it's rather a nice 'do by Saturday. x

  5. I am so sorry, but the Amadeus 'do' just made me giggle :) You are so brave, showing your hair failures too ;)
    The good thing is, though, that you are probably set for any kind of fancy dress party LOL
    Thanks for being a great sport and sharing your bad days as well as the good! FWIW, the back and sides looked good most days.

  6. You brave woman!! I envy your courage to show the pictures of Tuesday, in combination with your remarks of Amadeus, made me laughing out loud! The back isn't so bad at all, it's just the front that makes it hilarious! Stick to Hedy Lamarr, that looked so great on you! Thanks for sharing your daring adventures! Love, GonnieMarie

  7. Looks "too Amadeus"! LOLLLLLLLL! I am cracking up over here. And, I agree, "asking a half asleep man anything is always, always an error"! You are hilarious. Actually, I LIKE your first try at the style -- and then your very creative follow-ups!