Monday, 30 August 2010

My humble abode.

I hate housework, I mean really loathe it, and with two indoor cats shedding their fur all over the shop that isn't a good thing.  So, today being the last long weekend in a while, I decided to tackle the filth and squalor of my flat.  Its looking good so here are some pics of my lovely home.

No "before" images below though, I'm not going to be that cruel to myself:

30's sofa, 50's tables and repro chair.

Deco bar and TV cabinet, bakelite phone, annoying cable tangle:

Deco bed and dressing table:

My reward for a clean and tidy home is well behaved cats:

So its all looking good, if achingly white walled in the living room.  I'm thinking a sage green or apricot for the walls.   If I ever get round to it.


  1. Thanks Tups, it is gorgeous and the heaviest thing in the world, after it was delivered I had to put it together myself and it nearly killed me! At least its tidy now, it was a cluttered mess this morning.