Saturday, 23 October 2010

30's hair - Mervin wave'o'matics and pincurls - first attempt.

Well, I'm simple thrilled, I've been trying to get my hands on some Mervin wavers for so long.  They only come up on eBay occasionally and go for silly amounts of money, but I've finally got my sweaty little paws on some, mwahahahahaaaa!

My recent acquisitions are thanks to the lovely proprietor of my favorite vintage hair accessory site, Taste-T Vintage.  I have often looked longingly at this fabulous site but have never bought anything before, but this time I decided to bite the bullet.  The item I really wanted was sold but I emailed them and they went out of their way to dig out two wavers for me which were unlisted on the site, sent them promptly and included a full copy of the instructions.   I'll definitely be buying from them again.  I have to say I have rarely experienced such efficient and plain wonderful customer service.

I had the package delivered to work and my colleagues were stunned at the contents, I think they thought I'd bought some sort of kinky torture device!

It took me a few weeks to gather up the guts to try these out but I finally did it.

These things need to be used on very wet hair, so the ideal time is after you have washed it.  I simply side parted my hair and set a clip in each side, and pin curled the ends and back towards my face in quite small curls.  Please excuse the tired and sleep-bloated face, these pics were taken the morning after sleeping on these beasts!

So, what was the result of my slightly awkward nights sleep!  Well, I'm very pleased with the first attempt.  The waves didn't take quite as strongly as I'd hoped but I hadn't used setting lotion so I'm confident that things can only improve.

I took the pin curls out first and brushed out gently and then took out the clips and brushed over the waves even more gently.  I shaped some curls around my face using my Hold-Bob curling tool. and sprayed into place with Tresemme Freeze Hold hairspray.  I didn't sort the flyaways, I was running late for work and had to sprint out the door.

I also exaggerated the 30's look with elongated brows.

I've found the waves last a few days if you simply clip them back in at night, on dry hair, with some of these:

Do you have some wave clips?  How do you use them?  What do you think of my new do?


  1. you lucky little minx! i've been wanting wavers for such a long time! not as lucky as you so far.

  2. This look fabulous on you, what a great style.

  3. The results look great! But I can't even imagine trying to sleep on those things...

  4. The result is great but jeez was that not torture sleeping on those? mind you I sleep on my front I guess if I slept on my back it wouldn't be so back!

  5. What strange looking devices - I've never heard of these before. The website is fun - I'm rather tempted by some of the books. Like everyone else, I'm astounded you managed to sleep in them, but I love the results (and your bow top)!

  6. Your set came out beautifully!
    I have some Mervin wavers and have mixed feelings about them. The style looks amazing on the first day, but doesn't last as long as when I use the other type of wave clip.

  7. I don’t have the bottle to try out the wavers myself ( I have the bottom type)
    But your hair looks grand!

    p.s. You are in my list for the one lovely blog award!

  8. Those do look evil, but your hair looks beautiful! I've got some authentic rubberized marcel wavers. MUCH easier to sleep on?

  9. The result is great! But, as other readers said, I guess it's a torture to sleep with those things in your hair: your collegues were right then ;-) !

    I bought wave clips last week, but still didn't try them!


    P.S Do you mind if I link your blog?

  10. You must be so happy with the results. It looks stunning. ♥

  11. I think I need to get some of those clips--I love that style!

  12. I didn't know about those wavers!! The result looks supa dupa cool!;)

  13. Hi Bunny

    Please do link to me, I love being linked! :-)

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. xxx

  14. Beautiful! Yes! I love my wave clips, I pretty sure they would have to go to the deserted island with me, if that ever happened-ha!ha!


  15. Just found your blog and it's marvellous :) I have to get some of these clips, your hair looks fab! My hair's naturally wavy but bizarrely drops its curl when styled (the hair dresser said it's the weight of my hair?) I have marcel wave clips but found they can make my hair a little frizzy, so have resorted to sleeping in pin curls fixed with bobby pins... always have to touch up with my irons in the morning though. How did ladies back then always look so well groomed?!
    G x

  16. Just came across your bog, and I'm loving it.
    I must say I never saw wavers like your but I will be looking out for them.
    I 've made finger waves using vintage clips like those on the second picture. I honestly must say I found it a lot easier than I expected and very long lasting. Just clip them back on at night and you're all set in the morning!
    Great hair styling!

  17. Your blog has inspired me. I found some Mervin clips and really want to try them, but I'm a little intimidated and wish I had some directions.
    I've been wanting to do finger waves for my wedding and have had a terrible time trying to find a stylist. I figured...hey...maybe I can do this on my own and that would be even better!

  18. I've been trying to perfect my waves and I've been using flexi rod rollers bent in half in the same way they use the Baldwin Worthy pretttty well and they're so inexpensive compared to the price of the worthy wavers! :) This came out nicely on you!