Friday, 29 October 2010

Haberdashery heaven - Maculloch and Wallis and a quick outfit post

I'm coming to the end of my week off, sadly, but have managed to fit quite a lot in.

On Thursday I met up with one of my best friends for a quick jaunt about town and a visit to famed haberdashers, MacCulloch and Wallis.

I first discovered this place way back when I was doing my millinery course (see earlier blog posts if you are interested) but never managed to make it there.  I'm glad I finally did though, the place is a treasure trove of millinery basics and trims, fabrics of all kinds and oh my good lord the buttons!

I didn't buy anything as the place isn't cheap and I'm not yet an adept enough sewer for fabrics of over £5 a metre!  I will be going back though, for some of this deco print and floral print fabric to make blouses.

 After the visit I then had the pleasure of meeting  My Vintage Dresser, her chap and another lovely chum, for a drink in posh old Holland Park.

I'm glad I had got myself suitably attired for such fine company:

1940's jacket in yellow, green and brown tweed with brown buttons, brown GAP 40's style trousers, Primark brown leather belt, 40's blouse with jet buttons, charity shop brooch and my lovely bakelite earrings.

Unfortunately I lost a single earring at some point in the day.  I didn't realise until I got home.  These things happen though.  :-(


  1. whaooo, buttons and fabric heaven!! LOVE your ensemble...a touch of Land Girls, totally chic!

  2. you look apallingly beautiful in that outfit.

  3. oooh why did you have to tell me about that shop?!!! It looks divine!

  4. I've ordered online from M&W (service is very good) but I've never been to the shop. It's on my list, though, next time I'm in town.

    I'm interested in your millenery course, and I've seen their section of black felt hats and trims - are you tempted to make more?

    Sorry about your earring - can the remaining one be remade into a brooch or hat decoration, perhaps?

  5. Oh I love your outfit! How very put together you look :)


  6. Cute outfit and the buttons...mmmm...I need to find that shop when I come to London!

  7. Yes I love MacCulloch and Wallis! Love your outfit too.

  8. Love the outfit and hair!

    I often browse the Maculloch & Wallis website, they sell such lovely fabric. Like you I have yet to take the plunge and buy something though!

  9. I am still hyperventilating at the picture of all those buttons! That shop looks amazing and so do you in your outfit. So sad about the earring.

  10. Thanks for following my blog...I'm now a follower of yours, too!
    You are absolutely adorable! So vintage, so hip at the same time!
    Love it!
    That shop looks like "Candyland" for someone like me!
    --Lee Ann

  11. That is my favourite thing you have ever worn I think. You look amazing! That 40s mannish style really suits you.

    The shop looks like a proper treasure trove, I'm tempted to go and have a look even though I don't sew! x

  12. Just came across your blog love it!
    great photos great style.
    And you live just round the corner for me, where are all the stylish ladies in east London hiding!


  13. Cassandra my dear you must join the East London Vintage Mafia on a night out soon.

  14. you look great, i love the outfit!

  15. I have been in that shop - its really amazing! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls