Saturday, 16 October 2010

New old purchases

First off, I feel crapola for not having blogged for ages - there is so much I want to write about but I've just not been in the right frame of mind over the past weeks; the combination of a sick kitten, a sick self, a Mad Men addiction and a house guest haven't helped urge me on either, so this is just a small post to ease me back in.

My guest and I went charity shopping today, taking the bus from sunny Crackney all the way to...North London.  Golly, I'd forgotten what the wilds of Seven Sisters Road were like, and it was a football match day so all the beer drinking and loudly swearing burly blokes ended up giving me quite the headache after a couple of hours.

Anyway - I had some shopping success and managed to purchase for myself a really beautiful biscuit barrel which I shall use to keep my teabags in (I know I should use leaf tea, and I do have some, but I prefer PG Tips and from a pyramid bag by jove!).  It really is a pretty little thing, off white with a gold floral design and wicker handle, with the original lid, and only £2!  I'm very happy with it, as is Marlon:

Egad!  In that first picture you can see my chipped nail polish.  I'll have to fix that this evening!

The barrel is made by Sadler, a UK based teapot manufacturer.  The company started in 1882 and is still making its famous "Brown Betty" teapots to this day.  The mark on this piece dates it to the late 40's.  Hurrah!

There was another lovely pair of biscuit barrels which I considered buying too, but they were £17 for the pair and while lovely I resent paying that much when thrifting and left them behind.  I am slightly regretting it now though as I'd like one for sugar and one for coffee (not that I drink the muck but still, its good to have it in for guests and the like).

In another shop on our trek back eastwards I found a lovely wool tweed skirt - probably 80's I'd say but it looks incredibly 40's on.  Its a brown check with dark red, mustard and blue accents, mid calf length with large wide top-stitched pleats.  It is from Kinloch Anderson and, having looked at their website, my £3.50 was a bargain.  I'm at a bit of a loss at what I've got to pair with it - might knit something.  Any ideas welcome.

Finally, this wasn't a purchase today but I'm just thrilled with it  A knitting bag.  Its huge and so contains all three current (and neglected) projects.

I do so love shopping.


  1. ooft, I do wish I could knit - i give up far too easily. They're all divine! :) xxx

  2. ooft, I do wish I could knit - i give up far too easily. They're all divine! :) xxx

  3. You can! Once you know knit and purl thats enough to start doing something simple. I spent ages trying to learn from a book but it only really clicked after I started watching YouTube videos. I might do a post about beginning to knit....

  4. I love shopping way too much it is almost scarry! Nice purchases - glad to see the cat approves.

  5. That biscuit barrel is beautiful and at £2 a bargain!

    I can't be bothered to knit either but I wish I could be bothered!

  6. Great finds - that skirt will look great with a cardi

  7. What fantastic things you've found. I love that skirt - hope you find something to knit to go with it.

  8. Wow you do very well with your shopping. I'd love to go on a trip with you! The biscuit barrel is just lovely and that skirt was a great find. I have one with similar colours and I usually wear it with cream or off-white coloured blouses.