Sunday, 17 October 2010

Oops, I did it again - more shopping!

After a fitful night's sleep following the consumption of an entire bottle of red wine and shouting from the estate opposite that went on until 6am, I really didn't fancy going to the car boot sale this morning, but thanks to a winning combination of Ibuprofen and my avaricious nature I managed to rally enough to get there for 11am.

My local car boot really is wonderful - several stalls specialise in vintage and you can find everything from 40's clothing and 30's crockery to weird and wonderful 80's eveningwear.

The first thing I spotted was a Carlton Ware biscuit barrel in the shape of a house, but sadly the seller wouldn't budge from his £10 asking price and as it had a few cracks I decided to leave it be. I don't understand why people who want that sort of price for their item and / or do not wish to lower their prices bother with car boots, the whole point is that things are cheap and you have a bit of a haggle.  Grrrr.

Things looked up as I wandered around and found a couple of vintage / inspired items that will be perfect for work.  The first is a pretty wool tweed skirt, Marks and Spencer, probably 80's, but the perfect length and with an interesting front pleat and ruching at the waist.  The second a George cardigan, I know, hardly a special item - but the colour will go with todays and yesterdays skirt purchases and I think it will look very vintage fastened with a brooch.

I also picked up this darling little deco picture frame for on top of the TV cabinet - it is walnut stained and so matches the decor perfectly (agh - look at the cat claw marks on my furniture....weep)

I'm not sure what I'll put in it, not having a loved on.  A picture of a 40's movie star perhaps, the cats...all suggestions welcome.

 I then wandered up to Mare Street to buy some curtains and popped into ShoeZone - a VERY cheap shoe shop, and what should I spot?  These lovely leopard print plimsolls for a bargainous £1.99.  Not strictly vintage looking, though plimsolls were around in the 30's and 40's, but much more in keeping than my current gold trainers (bought in my bling phase - don't ask - really...)

I also popped into a sewing shop in Stoke Newington on my travels (forgive me for the lack of link, I can't find the place online anywhere) and bought pretty vintage looking buttons for my knitting projects and, wonder of wonders, a retractable measuring tape on a lanyard.  I always carry a tape measure when vintage and thrift shopping, where you can't always try things on, and this one can be hung around the neck and so will make it all the easier.  I'm in love.

Plus, I did buy some curtains, so I'll be able to walk around the flat naked without the creepy neighbour staring in at me.  Hurrah!  A successful day all round.


  1. I think you should put your Cosmo photo with the girls in the frame x

  2. Good finds...I also went booting although I tend to be an early riser and get there as most are still setting up!I picked up two very old parasols and a bamboo mirror and side stand! Have a gr8 week.

  3. ooh, good idea re: the photo. Maybe the French Glamour pic.

    Gingeyginge - I'd love to see pics of your finds!

  4. A very successful day considering the night you had before. Good work indeed! Your local car boot market sounds great. We don't really have anything like that around here :(

  5. I think you should put me in the photo frame :D

    but seriously, lovely spoils. I've seen those frames in my local antique shop for scandalous amounts of money.

  6. Nice purchases...and a very good idea to buy curtains! what exactly is a "car boot" sale? And where in the world did that term come from?

    Just a clueless American,

  7. Nice finds! I like the measuring tape on a lanyard what a damn fine idea!!

  8. Hello!

    I really love reading your blog, and have left a 'blog award' for you on my page at

    Enjoy! ;), Annie xxxx

  9. OK - the car boot sale is a sale where a lot of people turn up, usually in their cars, which they park in...a car park, then they put a table up in front of the boot of the car and load their stuff to sell onto the table. :-)

    STM - I can pick one up for you if you like!

    Ooh, thanks Annie :-) xxx

  10. Your local car boot sounds better than mine, only rubbish cheap tat is what I find!
    Very nice buys, a very productive day!

  11. I love my car boot sales! I haven't been able to go for a few weeks and they'll be stopping over the winter soon. Boo.

    I love that frame, I have a couple like that from Mr Chicks mum.

    The cosmo pic is a fantastic idea to put in it!

  12. I love your descriptions of your local area! Used to live in those parts myself nearly 20 years ago - and loved it.