Monday, 22 November 2010

Beauty review - the perfect daytime red

I think I've finally found a good, affordable daytime red.  Up until now I've always used good old MAC Ruby Woo, the vintage girl's favourite, but it can be a bit OTT in the daytime, and it is nice to be able to switch from a gentler colour to something more powerful for a night out too.  You don't get that if you've been wearing the Woo all day!

My discovery was completely accidental, I was going to meet some friends and realised I'd forgotten to bring a lippy with me (quelle horreur!) and so nipped into Boots and picked up the first thing I saw that I hadn't tried before....Rimmel's Colour Show Off lipstick in Red Fever.

I have to admit that initially the packaging put me off, it is thoroughly cheap looking and very lightweight.  A hot pink metallic tube worthy of Jordan herself.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the product.

Though it looks shiny in the tube it goes on beautifully matte.  Compared to Ruby Woo it is soft red, though most users who have reviewed in online so far consider it bright, and I guess it would be for someone unused to wearing a red.  It is also a much softer texture than the Woo and therefore not as drying, which is definitely a winner for daytime.

 MAC Lady Danger, the Rimmel, Ruby Woo (click to enlarge):

It lasts reasonably well, better than most drugstore lipsticks, though you do need to reapply after eating to keep the colour even, but at around £5-£6 a tube that isn't too worrying.

Here is what it looks like on, please excuse my morning face:

Just the one layer there.

I think you'd need a few to pull of the colour of postergirl - Georgia May Jagger:

Overall I'm really pleased with this red.  I might even investigate the other colours in the range now, they have a lighter red and a few pinks to choose from.


  1. I have got 'Kiss Me' from the same range, it's pretty bright though. I must admit I quite like the packaging 'cause it's got a crown on it lol but you are right it is pretty Jordanesque.

    Poor you forgetting your lippy I hate it when I do things like that, but something good came of it so hurrah!

  2. I use the same one during the day as well. I love it and it is much less drying than the Ruby Woo, which is normally my favourite. blot and re-apply, then add somelipcote and it will lasta whole day that includes kissing.


  3. Great color! Although I'm a fan of deeper reds, this one is very suitable for you. Morning pictures are cute.

  4. Yours is the second blog i have read to recommend this lipstick. I feel a trip to Boots coming on...........

  5. That's a lovely shade on you! I have to be a bit careful which reds I choose, being a redhead and all, but a good red lipstick is always necessary! Now I'll have to see if Rimmel has anything in my color...

  6. I have only recently ventured in to the realm of Red lip stick and this one was one of the two that I have so far tried.

    It is as you say a great colour but the packaging does let it down.

  7. The Rimmel ads wind me up so much! Jagger has a face like a broken piano :(

    Thanks for the lippie tip though, I've been using Mac's Ladybug for school so I don't scare the children, but it doesn't stay on for too long. xx

  8. Oooh nice. Illamasqua does a great vintage red too called Encounter (its my new shade) but its more of a nightime colour ;)