Sunday, 21 November 2010

A quick hair and outfit post - The Candlelight Club

I have again been neglecting this place, but with good reason - firstly, I've lost my camera somewhere in my flat and secondly I've been planning lots and lots of lovely blog posts for the future.

I just have to gather the energy to write the darn things now.

So, to get me back in the swing please marvel at my hair and outfit for last night's Candlelight Club.  Hee hee.

The hair was done in my basic set with the curls brushed under to form a shorter looking do and the fringed brushed over my hand to create a curl.  I then curled a few pieces around a mascara tube to get a definite set curl and sprayed it all firmly into place.

I wasn't sure what to wear for the bash, as I've gained a whopping half stone (three kilos) in the space of just three months, and choice was therefore somewhat limited.  After trying on a dozen things that wouldn't zip up and almost getting stuck in one lovely 40's dress, I finally settled on the below outfit, mixing dark red with dark brown - brave for me as I usually end up in just one colour.  I'm terrible at vintage colour schemes.

Apologies for the grubby mirror and iPhone photo.  Where is that darn camera!!

Here are the constituent pieces - again, apologies for poor picture quality:

Big bow hat (in a dark brown that is so close to black that it can be worn with either):

Dark brown Corde handbag:

Dark red 40's suit with gorgeous pocket detail:

Dark brown leather vintage shoes (really do need a clean - oops!):

Pink reverse carved lucite brooch and matching earrings:

Myself and two very lovely chums arrived at the club a little late - and as it was completely sold out we failed to get a seat and missed the gourmet sandwiches on offer.  However we enjoyed ourselves immensely - the band were fabulous and there was some burlesque too.

It did feel a little odd being in all 40's garb at a 20's themed event but no one seemed to take the dressing up too seriously, thankfully.

This is possibly my favourite event on the vintage scene, the atmosphere is very relaxed and there is a really mixed crowd - from Hackney hipster to New Sheridanite.

I just wish I'd had my darned camera!  Photos of the event can be found here.


  1. Both your hair and your ensemble look simply smashing!!

  2. That suit looks like it was made for you. Great outfit!

  3. Love the brooch and earrings set and the suit looks gorgeous on you.

  4. I do like your jewellery, very pretty.

    I haven't been a follower for long, but I have enjoyed your posts so far, and would like to pass on to you the Lovely Blog award:

    Miss P xx

  5. I love your hair... looking gorgeous chickedee x

  6. Your hair looks amazing here. I've been looking for a lucite brooch like that myself. Well, I say looking - I've found plenty I like but am trying not to spend.

    ps I'm feeling a bit porky too - I got a vintage suit in the post the other day and as soon as a squeezed the skirt on over my bottom the zip popped! I thought it was winter we were supposed to put weight on?!

  7. Love the Brooch and earing set, lucky you for finding them still together, they went lovely with your suit.

  8. Gorgeous outfit but that hat! Oh my. Gorgeous. You look lovely. But I know how you feel with clothes not fitting properly. =\ I'm a bit limited on choices right now, too.
    -Andi x