Sunday, 21 November 2010

A winter shopping list!

With the seasons changing yet again I thought I'd share some of my plans for keeping warm in the winter (roll on payday!)

One of the main problems with a vintage wardrobe is that it is largely made up of skirts and dresses, and so when the temperature drops it can get awfully cold, especially for us modern gals who are used to central heating!  I usually end up wearing trousers most of the winter and really miss my pretty frocks, and so this year I'm determined to stretch out my dress wearing a little further.

I'm not going to go into coats, hats and scarves - instead some less obvious options.

Stockings and tights:

Following a great tip from the lovely Jeni of Yesterday Girl - What Katie Did's 60 denier CC09 stockings.

These babies are authentic looking and durable - just what I need! have got some great 100 denier stockings in too, in a range of colours that will look fabulous with a vintage wardrobe.

For when it's too cold even for stockings I'm also looking for some thick woolen tights.  Tights Please have a great selection of cable and rib knit tights.

Slips and petticoats

Petticoats and full slips are great ways to extend your summer wear into winter.  I find the best places to get slips is often the charity shop but M&S - that old stalwart - is also a favourite.
I might even try making a flannel slip this year following some useful instructions found here:

  • Cut a piece of new flannel, baby blankets or section of a flannel sheet. 
  • For the length: measure from waist to knee. Add 2 inches for hem, and 3 inches for top casing for elastic. 
  • The width of fabric needs to equal your hip measurement plus 4 inches.
  • Sew side seams, hem and upper casing. 
  • Cut 1 inch elastic to fit waist and use large safety pin to feed it through the casing. 
  • Sew ends.

Sounds simple enough, right?


I know, I know, not sexy.  But a lot of modern day thermals do bear a striking resemblance to the vintage equivalent.

This vest from Damart

Looks a lot like these vintage pretties to my eye anyway:

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Oh yes, an excuse to by more lovely shoesies!  As if I didn't need one already.

Shearling boots seem to be all the rage this year, luckily for us, and here are two of the best I've found:

KG by Kurt Geiger - Warrick (£150)
Miss L Fire - Ellison: (£110)

I know, pricey!  But you can find similar in most shops now and also eBay is full of similar styles.  I've even got a vintage pair on the way.  Hurrah!

If you just want to wear your usual shoes then sheepskin insoles might be the answer.

Though please don't wear them with your flip-flops!

That's it for now my lovelies!  Do let me know if you have any other ideas.

I'll be back later in the week with ideas to keep you cosy indoors.


  1. I have that Damart slip, i bought it from a charity shop, an it is sooooo warm and comfy!x

  2. yeah, I need to get a Damart slip too, i actually like the look of them.
    not a fan necessarily of M&S slips - they all seem made to keep you cool - really, even in winter?!
    thanks for the link to the woolen tights - although how pricey can these things be?? - i also had some (cheaper) luck in TK Maxx

  3. Great post - I can't wait to see your darling boots when they arrive!

  4. Ooh, thanks for that Jeni. I'm definitely getting one then.

    Re: slips - I'm working on the basis that any extra layer works, though I think making a flannel half slip might be the best idea for me. With the woolen tights I reckon that they would last quite a while - at least thats what I'm hoping...might try TK Maxx this weekend though.

    I HATE being cold.

  5. I never thought of wearing a slip before but it makes total sense! And those sheepskin insoles look sooo warm. I think they look quite fetching in flip-flops haha.

  6. I think you are a mind reader! Since the big chill is on the way -I have been wondering how the hell to keep warm whilst staying true to my vintageness. Sheep skin inner soles! Who's of thunk it? You have answered all my questions in one fell swoop! Hurrahs! :)

  7. ps) M&S do some nice wooley tights with some cable knit designs on them.

  8. great ideas! Definitely need to get me some of these goodies up here in the Great White North!

  9. just given you a blog award! Enjoy!

  10. Brilliant tips! Have been thinking about vintage ways to keep warm since it's so much colder now!

  11. Thanks Lis, this are great tips - I am definitely getting 100 dens this year, and I reckon a good thermal and would go down well too.

  12. I have several Demart vest and no one is any the wiser when I wear them that I have them on, but I am so much warmer.

    As for slips,that extra layers does help to keep you warmer and the vintage ones are often sexy and so lovely to have next to your skin.

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