Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Another fabulous Koster and Murray knitting book!

I just couldn't resist this - and I now have 4 from the series so am very proud.

Just feast your eyes on the pictures:

The cover illustration would make a fab tattoo.

I cannot imagine how long it would take to knit this!

 Finally the perfect ribbed cardy pattern:

Pretty little waistcoat:

I must make this hat!

And this:
 And this blouse:

She looks scarily like the Queen Mother:


  1. I love that hat/snood extension. Neat find!

  2. Lovely! Even if I'm laughing a little at the hat. Looks like maybe something out of Star Trek, if it had been set in the 1940s. I love wacky hats.

    One of my vintage booklets has several gorgeous knitted dresses and suits. But I just cannot fathom the patience involved in that!

  3. oh I love that winged hat! I agree: that logo would be a spectacular tattoo!

  4. Love the cardigan and blouse, they look perfect!

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! THAT HAT. Sigh. What a beauty. And I also agree about the logo on the front making a great tattoo. =D
    -Andi x

  6. I have a couple of these books too and love looking through them for the good, the bad and the ugly! That hat is quite something, but it's also the knitted swimsuits or underwear that get me!!

  7. You're right! That WOULD make a good tat!

  8. I have knitted the waistcoat, mum has knitted me two of the winged hats, and I’m nearly at the end of the lacy jumper! It’s a smashing book!... And about the queen mum look-a-like model- in another picture of her I thought she looked like a female David Cameron! Tups

  9. I bet the Queen Mother liked a cigarette, too!

  10. You lucky thing - what an excellent book and you're right, that front cover design would make an excellent tattoo!

  11. WOW i found the one with the cat from my great grandmothers collect:)
    I also found her collect of 1920s knitting patterns-those ones are amazing but far to hard to do.

  12. I found this book when my aged Aunt died recently. I have knitted the blouse, with some small modifications and am half way through a cableknit jumper. Not bad. I have 3 books in this series now, one of which was my mother's. I taught myself to knit as a child using Practical Knitting by these ladies.

    Must try knitting myself a bra and panties some time! (not)