Thursday, 10 February 2011

S.O.S - save our sequins!

Ah, I do love a little bit of bling.  Vintage sequins are a beautiful thing, if notorious for coming unravelled or melting when washed or dry cleaned.

I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite frocks which is sadly in need of repair.  This beautiful little black rayon crepe dress has stunning shirred shoulders with big shoulder pads and a sequinned collar and peplum.

Sadly I was only able to wear her once, as the sequins began falling off and I have been too scared to put her back on since.

As such I need your advice.

Should I

a) sew the existing sequins back on more securely and leave the gaps as they are
b) resequin the entire thing with some vintage sequins such as these (what a job!)
c) take off all the sequins and just have a versatile little black dress - if a tad dull
d) something else entirely - all suggestions gratefully received.

And for your vintage delectation, some sequin frocks available for purchase now:

Swirly slinkiness:

Purple perfection:

Oh, chain me down!

Pink and black gorgeousness:


  1. I would........

    c) remove them all and have a versitile black dress.

    If you like it enough to have a little black dress? That you could brooch up with a blinging collection?

    Sequins will usually ALWAYS come off - so you could spend all that time lovingly restoring it only to find that they start to come off again the moment you sashay anywhere? How annoying would THAT be?

  2. With my wardrobe mistress hat on I would restore what you can and then try to source the most similar sequins you can to fill the gaps. Obviously meaning expense and a delay.

    Re-vintage-sequin it?

    I cannot cope with the idea of de-sequinning something!!

  3. Oh that’s such a shame, but it goes with the territory- grr. I would do as Perdita said- save what you can and try and replace others. Maybe replace the bits where it’s most noticeable first (front Peplum)and securing the original bits here and there. It’s such a beautiful dress and is soooo worth the effort. xxx

  4. e) Sew the existing sequins on more securely, and fill in the gaps with vintage or modern ones (if you're able to mix in some of the originals to make the difference less obvious, so much the better).

    She's a gorgeous little number, it seems a shame to rob her of her crowning glory.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  5. I'm with Perdita too, sew them back on and if needs be fill in the gaps. I have spent my life resewing sequins, rhinestones or beading back on, I always think it's worth it! Also you're a knitter, if you have the patience for that you have the patience for sequin sewing ;o)

  6. Definitely agree with salvage and repair. Its a nice project for when watching the telly really. I would probably take what remains off and redo it all, or just sew through what is still there.

  7. I have to say that I think that you should go with restoring what you have and filling in the gaps with iether other old sequins or new ones, it would be such a shame to de sequin such a lovely and much loved dress.
    Let us know what you decided and let us see the end results please.

  8. Another vote for restoring here too. I would definitely tighten the ones on there and try and match some up to fill the gaps. It's a beautiful dress, it deserves it.

  9. I'd restore what is salvageable and replace the gaps with sequins. Its such a lovely dress it deserves to be worn out and enjoyed.

  10. I'm with the majority of the gals here and say "restore and resequin". If it were my dress I would be on the hunt for vintage sequin to replace the missing ones.

    Good Luck! Let us know what you decide!