Sunday, 6 February 2011

Spring has sprung...a VI on the highstreet round up

Well, not quite, judging by the weather, and given it was snowing in February last year I can't see it warming much until the end of the month...but in fashion terms Spring is definitely here.  The shops are filling up with dresses and tops in pretty Spring colours, and luckily (or not - depending on your viewpoint) two of the main fashion trends seem to be the ballerina look, inspired by Black Swan no doubt, and a 50's retro look.  We will ignore the return of 70's retro, please.

So, my pick of vintage inspired items on the high street follows:

Primark, as ever, are leading the way with this darling little beach dress (£17) reminiscent of a 40's playsuit.  With painterly looking beach scenes around the skirt:

I think this would look great with some Carmen Miranda style platforms (more on these to come) and a big updo with a flower for your hair.

Also from Primark is this fabulous 50's style full skirt (£17), just begging for a twinset and a petticoat:

I'll be trying to get my hands on these plus a few of their essential £2 striped t-shirts to see me through.

Dorothy Perkins also have a lovely little cotton dress in their Spring/Summer collection - what a cutey:

The ballerina influence has been picked up by a few stores, with Topshop leading the way.  The ballerina look can easily be translated into a 50's classic Audrey Hepburn vibe, but this elegant look isn't just about ballet pumps and wrap tops.  We are talking off the stage elegance here, including the dreaded 70's palazzo pant.  I'm not joking, these palazzo style trousers (£48) are giving me a 1930's feel - it is all about how you wear them (avoid prints) - I want to waft around drinking champagne and smoking from a cigarette holder with my hair in fingerwaves:

I'm also loving these pastel numbers from the ever reliable ASOS (not out yet, as far as I can see - so no linky):
They also have these, with a more daytime feel (£40) - think Kate Hepburn -  that I might just have to get for work.

Shoe wise - it seems to be another season of the towering wedge / platform - and though I struggle to walk in them I'm not complaining, after all, taxi drivers need to make a living too.

These blue and yellow darlings from Dorothy Perkin's "Retro Heaven" collection (£42) are perfect for a summery beach vibe (in store only):
While these very simple wedges from Fearne Cotton's collection for Very are marvellously versatile.

I'd better put my credit card back in the freezer before I buy anything...


  1. Oh man, I would KILL for that first dress. Maybe we can do some sort of trade? I'm heading to the States in a couple weeks if you'd like anything there

  2. I tried on that first Primark dress, it's a darling. Although it comes down to my knee- so I'm unsure quite how tall that young model lady is! Clearly not oompaloompaish like me.

    I give you fair warning though: I am running, hands open wide, to embrace the whole 70s thing. I blame it on my upbringing, my mum was a big Stevie Nicks fan.

  3. Thank you for taking a look around on the high street :-) I will try to get in the primark store, but it´s like hell ´cause we only have one primark store in the proximity...

  4. You are amazing! I am so heading for Primark next week. Love love the first dress! xx

  5. Asos trousers don't look too bad

  6. That Primark skirt is lovely! Nice to see a sensible length.

  7. oh that skirt!!!
    too bad Primark doesnt do online ordering (to Australia) :(

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