Sunday, 3 July 2011

Another make-up look - 1930-ish

Hello lovelies.

As you can probably tell, I'm getting all overexc ited with my make-up at the moment.  This is because I have decided to take a make-up artist course later in the year.  I need to learn something new and it might as well be something I will love and use so make-up it is.

This morning, whilst getting ready for our sale (anyone in London - please come to this today and say hello) I decided to try an earlier look - so I combined a couple of the 20's faces in Lauren Rennells' book (see previous post) to create this which I think looks like a late 20's early 30's makeup:

  • Revlon Colorstay foundation - 110 Ivory
  • Coty Airspun loose powder - Translucent Extra Coverage
  • MAC blush - Dame

  • Natural Collection eyeshadow - Spring Green
  • Besame eyeshadow - Pistachio
  • MAC eyeshadow -  Vanilla
  • Max Factor kohl pencil - 020 black
  • Rimmel professional brow pencil - 002 Hazel
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - black
  • Ellnet hairspray on a brush to set brows
  • MAC liner - Redd
  • MAC liner - Cherry
  • Besame lipstick - Carmine

So, foundation and powder - no under eye concealer today, too lazy.  I then started on the eyes.  I used the Spring green in a light wash all over the lid and up to the brow and then the pistachio, a dark, shimmery colour just in the inner corner or the eye.  The MAC Vanilla used on the outer eye, above the crease to create a fade effect across.

The brows were different, I don't have thin enough brows for a real 30's look so went for the sort of stubby late 20's effect that some actresses seemed to favour at the time by concealing the hairs at the tail of the brow and squaring off the shape with pencil.  This does look fairly obvious close up, as you can see but I can live with that util I get my hands on a less gingery pencil.

The lips are the other main change, here the top lip is under, rather than overdrawn, creating a more rosebud effect in comparison to yesterdays wartime frown.  The cupid's bow is rounded and then the line to the corner dips down.  For this I used Besame Carmine, one of my very favourite lip colours - an orange with just a touch of milkiness to it.  I darkened the very inner corner of the mouth with a darker lipliner to add a little depth.

I like this look, though clearly my brows are far too big.  It is quite different from my usual 40's look for which I very rarely use coloured eyeshadow, if any at all. 

I'm feeling a bit Bette Davis in "Of Human Bondage" with all this make-up on and crazy frizzy hair.


  1. Oh, now I really like this one!

    You suit green.

  2. Wow, that lip shape really suits you! The brows are a bit much, but this look looks great with the soft curls (they're not frizzy!) you've got going on today. Reminds me of Miriam Hopkins.

  3. I love the soft green eye shadow. Very pretty indeed.

  4. I was lucky enough to catch La Dolce Vita on TV yesterday, just love Anita Ekberg's blonde/dark eyebrow look, you do it well...good luck with your class.

  5. Love the lippy. I have only ever tried a strong green, will have to give this paler one a go. xx

  6. I love the look and I think it suits you very well.

  7. Thank you lovelies - I'm really enjoying playing with brow shapes!

  8. i just love this makeup!! it really suits you!!! you face is like soo flawless its amazing!! I need to get that makeup book, :D

  9. The make-up looks very good but I'm super impressed with the hair!

  10. I love the technique with the eyes, and the lipcolor is fabulous!