Monday, 4 July 2011

The Vintage Mafia - Sunday Sale and Social pt 1

Yes people, part 1, because we will definitely be back for more.

Our inaugural sale at the Love Shake went very well - we were rammed from 3:30 - 5:30 and then things slowed down but I went away with more money and less stuff than I started with and that is a success in my book!

We were true to our brief and made sure everything was reasonably priced  - none of  your vintage fair style inflation here my lovelies.

I also got to catch up with some chums I hadn't seen for ages and drink a particularly delicious strawberry shake.

Yes, a fun time was had by all.

Please make sure you pop down next time (if you can) to say hello, eat, drink (there is beer and wine too) and peruse our very reasonably priced vintage clothing and accessories  from the 40's - 80s.


  1. Looks fab! I'm afraid I was no good to man nor beast yesterday as I had spent Saturday drinking cocktails on the beach and was frazzled. I shall definitely come next time!

  2. Absolutely thrilling! A bit far for me though ..... what a shame ....

  3. I suspect the money I would spend getting to
    London from Norwich would negate any reasonable prices! Still, it looks fab, and if I'm in London when you have the next one I'll pop in!

  4. hello! i was the lady in the orange and yellow ensemble with the rolled fringe. just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you and i hope you do another sale because i think its an awesome idea


  5. Ooh, hello amazing fringe lady! I got my rat out and am having a practice tomorrow - you inspired me. Stay for a glass of wine next time. :-)

  6. Bugger! I missed it because I had to work. When's the next one?

  7. I also had to miss this because i was working :( Definately an excellent idea though so hope there are more. That white dress in the first picture with the red poppies on and sort of grey and black nearest to the photographer, i sold one exactly the same on ebay about a year back. Perhaps tis the same dress? Hehe :D

  8. Tickerty Boo idea, London is just that little bit too far for me to travel for a day out looks as if you had a great time.