Sunday, 24 July 2011

Car bootiful!

Wow - what a day of bargains I have had.  I woke up early and decided to pop down to my local, rather marvellous car boot sale.  A good job I did too as I picked up some amazing bargains.  I'm going to overload you with images here so I do apologise.

First the jewellery, all for £10:

 All of it together

 Orange beaded earrings

Red beaded earrings

Red screw back earrings

Modern but excellent repro carved plastic bracelet

Peachy pink beaded interspersed with gold

Big, bright green earrings

A lovely little ceramic brooch

Amber glass, sadly one tiny stone missing but still gorgeous.

What I think is a very old plastic brooch

enamel and diamante anchor brooch, I thought this was 70's at first but I think it might be much earlier

At the next stall I found this fantastic H&M umbrella print mackintosh, with a hood!  Perfect for this warm but rainy British Summer, they also had a crochet book I've had my eye on for a while for the bargain price of £1!

I also grabbed some make up.  I'm fairly sure the MAC is fake - the product itself is the right colour and texture but the packaging, despite being identical to my current MAC blushes, just feels...I don't know, lighter and less expensive.  It could be my perception however. Still, I love the blush - Frankly Scarlet - a rich slightly blue based red, perfect for wearing with red lipsticks (I'm trying to do that late 30s thing of matching the tone of your blush to your lips) I also grabbed two Sleek eyeshadow palettes - one of gorgeous muted pinks and browns for vintage looks and one of bright tropical colours just for fun, as well as their flamingo pink blush (much brighter than the picture suggests).

 And finally - the piece de resistance, my bargain of the day and current pride and joy:

I think it might be late 60's / 70's.  What do you reckon?  Real china (one piece slightly chipped but I got money knocked off for that).  Silver spoons and a cheeseknife, two fabric lined tins, cups, bottles and two Thermos flasks.  It all has a slightly unused smell, not bad, just old.  Any tips for de mustifying the thing ready for use?


  1. Fabulous finds! I love the picnic set, I have been wanting one for the right price for years!

  2. What a great haul. Try washing with baking soda - good for getting rid of odors.

  3. oh my goodness, what a lucky gal you are! I've dreamed of finding such a picnic's absolutely incredible!!!
    and I think your kitty likes it too!


    I would suggest, to freshen it up- take all the crockery out and hand wash in hot water and fairy liquid, meanwhile sprinkle the inside of the case with bicarb of soda and leave to air overnight. Hoover out the bicarb in the morning- keep it fresh by spritzing with febrese and keeping a twist of tissue with bicarb in it to absorb odours.

  5. Wow! just love the picnic set!!!! I soaked the inside of my vintage flask in steradent, that seems to work, could work on the china too. Baking soda might work sprinkled on the basket then brushed off too.

  6. Oh you are a lucky gal just love the picnic hamper.

  7. What. A. HAUL!! I adore the "i think its old plastic" brooch and the red beaded earrings. And, of course the picnic hamper. And the fact that we appear to have the exact same sewing box in the back ground. Minus the cat on top of it :)

  8. what an amazing group of goodies the picnic bag is my favorite!!

  9. Wow! What a wonderful treasure! What a great find!

  10. What lovely jewelry and raincoat is the little umbrellas on it.That picnic set is amazing.I bet you were super excited to find that.x

  11. thanks all, I'm so pleased with my loot!

  12. I think I need to start checking out car boot sales! Frankly Scarlet is my favourite blusher too :)

  13. I have that coat in the dark blue that I bought in H&M a few years ago. I get odd looks in it but I love it! The little poppered hood extender is my fav feature :)

  14. ~ ^^ ~ SCORE!!!

    I think your picnic set might be late 50's to - 60's even...!! My bet would fall no later thannn...1962.
    I love playing "antiques roadshow" a.k.a. "how freekin old is this thanng, anyway?"

    new jewelry is the bomb, too...

  15. That picnic case is an amazing find and lucky too as I've recenly noticed that they're becoming more popular. I also reckon that its late 50s/early 60s and Sirram is a good make too.

  16. Gorgeous finds! And what bargains, too.
    For demustyfying, maybe try soaking the things in some water and bi carb? Lots of airing afterwards? That might help :)

  17. Absolutely wonderful finds, especially the picnic set. Oh lucky you.


  18. Great stuff! I love that anchor pin.

    The picnic basket is, as the other commenters said, 1950s, or possibly very early 60s. For some reason red plaid was a big deal in the 50s, especially for picnicking and travel wares.

  19. Great! I was hoping it was 50's but then though it just couldn't be as it was in such good condition - and I'm not usually that lucky!