Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Birthday Coca-Cola!

Yes, I am a few days early, Coke’s official birthday is on Sunday when it turns 125, but I’m an eager sort of girl and couldn’t wait.

I love Coca-Cola – not that diet muck, the full calorie, full caffeine Coca-Cola is the one for me.  I know it is bad, with its 7 spoons of sugar per can, but when a gal needs perking up on a hot day or after a hot night on the town, nothing seems to do the job better than an ice cold coke.

To celebrate it’s big birthday, Coke are reissuing their original glass bottle from 1899; known as the Hutchinson or “Hutch” this is the more square bottle with embossed glass which preceded the curved bottle that we are so familiar with.

It wasn’t until 1916 that the contour bottle came into creation, it was a very deliberate marketing ploy, a bid to pull away from copycat brands.  The curved shape and striations made it easy to pick out, as at this time , without refrigeration, bottles were kept underwater and it helped to be able to “feel” what you wanted when you couldn’t see it!

The design was a winner and in 1950 it was the first commercial product to be featured on the cover of TIME magazine, despite this however, the design was not trademarked until 1977.

These limited edition bottles are being served at the 50’s retro Coca-Cola soda bar in Selfridges which opened on 17 June.  I’m planning to make a visit soon as it is only open for four more weeks!

Anyone fancy a soda?


  1. Definately could do with one to make it through the last day of the working week ;D

  2. Tastes much better from a beautiful bottle...I.wonder if the soda bar wants them back for the deposit? Bet you leave with a clinking handbag...

  3. Me! I love Coke and Coke memorabilia. I agree, only full-on Coke, no diet. Though I do like Cherry Coke now and again, though it's more fun having a Roy Rogers. :)

    (And Pepsi, as you would say over there, is rubbish.)

  4. Thank you! I'm so happy to find another girl that shares the exact same thing, NO diet coke! :D
    I do love cherry coke, since it reminds me of London, and I have to go to Sweden to get it. We don't have cherry coke in Norway.
    Anywho, Pepsi can NEVER replace Coca Cola, never! ;)

  5. Bugger if I'd know that I'd have gone on Tuesday when I was in London. Those bottles are GORGEOUS!

  6. Ah! I wish they sold those bottles here! I'd definitely pick them up

  7. They've been making it with high fructose corn syrup here for a long time. My local food store had some Coke made in Mexico, with REAL SUGAR. Some people swear by the "real" thing, but I couldn't taste any difference.
    My favorite way to drink it is to pour is over a lot of really cold ice cubes. It goes all flat and sticks to the cubes so you get to chew off the frozen Coke from the ice cubes. If no one's looking.

  8. Which is better Pepsi or Coke?
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